Bug #10934

MHQ deploys at (1,1)

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Target version:Warfare BE 2.061
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It regularly happens that the MHQ deploys at (1,1), especially when the server is heavily loaded towards the end of a game and starts lagging. Although it was already reported in


it is still an issue on 2.060, our commander experienced it on a public server yesterday. It is probably related to relatively rapid re-deployment of the MHQ, but the lag looks necessary as I could not reproduce it on a LAN server.

Fix suggestion: Construction_HQSite.sqf should be protected against multiple parallel calls with a mutex; probably what is happening is that the previous execution of it is still running while the second is called, and the temporary [1,1,1] position is used as an input for the second call. At a minimum, the temporal location should be changed to some more viable position, where the MHQ can be easily saved from if it happens.

It is a game ruining bug and happens relatively frequently, about once in each five-ten games.


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Also happened today. Definitely fast deploy/undeploy problem.

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Added a script handler.

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