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Sound feedback on ACEX SM build 35

Added by tpM about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Feedback please. Made with a mid-range headphone and onboard soundcard. Recommended to use with the effect slider full in Audio options.
Vote + if you like them, - if you dont.

ak74_rew.wav (409.6 kB) tpM, 05/22/2010 20:32

ak_eq_comp.rar - EQ'ed and slight compression/limiter (562.2 kB) wheresmyrabbit, 05/24/2010 13:02

ak74_powerful_example.wav (542.5 kB) tpM, 05/24/2010 15:31

m2hb_fire.wav (493.3 kB) tpM, 05/27/2010 22:08

dshk_fire.wav (470.7 kB) tpM, 05/27/2010 22:08


Updated by Enad about 7 years ago

Really not liking the new sounds. I thought the old sounds you guys had for ACEX_SM were perfect. They sounded surprisingly realistic and very loud and bassy. It was great.
I was really upset after updating and hearing the new sounds. Basically all the guns sound like electric airsoft guns. Especially the AK rifles. Which should be some of the loudest.
It would be great if you could release an old version of ACEX_SM for those who prefer it. It really is alot better than the new update. Not to insult you or anything, the sounds are just really really bad. Theres basically no bass at all to any of the weapons, and its not my speakers. I have VERY bassy speakers, so it was really noticeable how big the lack of bass was with the new weapons.
I don't wanna rant but there's just alot wrong with the new sounds. They all sound so similar. Its only the Heavy MG's and M107/Tac-50 that sound good. The rest are painful to hear.
I'm sorry but this new update was bad. :( ACEX_SM used to be my favorite sound mod. If you brought the sounds back to the last version or redid them and made them even better than the last version, I would be happy and I'm sure loads of others would be as well.

Updated by zGuba about 7 years ago

Fully for new sounds, they let me rest my ears while still sharp and hearable, so I hope also some HMGs (DShKM, Kord, M2, KPVT, M197) will be modified such way.

Maybe we'll create more variants of ACEX_SM? I'd stay with current as default and store previous to be avaiable as "classic", or CQB variant.

Updated by tpM about 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm gonna add proper vehicle weapon sounds soon.

Updated by AnimalMother92 about 7 years ago

What would be really awesome would be a fully modular ACEX_SM. As in 1 PBO per weapon, vehicle etc. That would be amazing.

Updated by Sickboy about 7 years ago

Pretty hell to maintain :)
In any case, sounds are very personal taste, I think it has been proven time and time again.
(Different taste/sound system/setup etc)
I think it is one of the reasons there are so many different soundmods, responses/feedback etc.
I also think that for some, once zoomed into a certain sound, it is hard to change.
Beyond that, it is very hard to satisfy everyone, and possibly some tweaks could solve some of it aswell.

Still I think it is clear it would be useful for certain people to be able to stick to their preferred version.
This is a problem for multiplayer, due to the signatures.
My suggestion is to sign the ACEX_SM with 1 key, shared between all versions, therefore anyone can use the SM version they prefer.
We'll just have to decide if ongoing development versions would keep the same key aswell, or if this only counts for Stable versions. (The latter should be more 'safe' in consideration that the ongoing development is tested for stable releases).
If we go for this, i'll sign the previous stable versions of ACEX_SM aswell with the new key.

Updated by sgtmoody1944 about 7 years ago

Great work on the new sounds! My only suggestion would be (if it isn't too much to ask) if there could be a slightly more-distinct difference in the firing sounds of the AK and M-4/16 sounds: at the moment, though they are all nice and sharp and a significant step up from before, the two sound nearly identical in a 100-meter fire-team engagement. Maybe interweave the old AK sound effects with the new ones so that there is a larger difference between the weapons of the two sides?

Updated by tpM about 7 years ago

hmmm... maybe something like this?

Updated by Starshina about 7 years ago

Could you return previous sounds of M16/M4, AK and other rifles? It seems to me we have almost same situation that was recently with SM. There are very supressed and similar sounds of this weapon that doesn't give you understanding who is shooting even in 100m. In 500-700m you almost can not hear shooting of light infantry weapon such as M16 and AK. Previous SM version was perfect regarding this weapon. Please return it again.

Updated by sgtmoody1944 about 7 years ago

tpM wrote:

hmmm... maybe something like this?

Maybe a heavier bass? This is definitely a step for the better in my opinion.

Updated by S2 about 7 years ago

It still seems a bit too high pitch, its close though.

Updated by ss9 about 7 years ago


Updated by Enad about 7 years ago

Totally agree with ss9's ticket. I really don't know what everyone else is hearing. Because the new sound are terrible. They sound like clicks of a mouse basically. No bass, no volume, no 'umph'....
I can't understand how some one is enjoying them. The old sounds were amazing. Just perfect in every way. I already miss them... :/

Updated by Alex72 almost 8 years ago

The sounds are of good quality - that no one can dispute. They are clear, crisp, snappy and the whole soundfile is proper without mis-sounds. This is rare to get. If some of the sounds miss some bass i cannot say becuase on my system (XFi & NAD stereo system) it sounds really really good.

One cant slam the sounds just because they lack bass and say its crap. That would be ignorant. Some more umph maybe here and there and its perfect.

As a whole i like this new one very much. Awesome work tpM. +1 vote.

Updated by Robalo almost 8 years ago

Overall I like build 35 (and 31) much better, but the M16 and M4 sounds could be improved. I just hear this a lot from other players that happen to own M4 IRL, that it's sound is not realistic, the old sound being better.

Updated by wheresmyrabbit almost 8 years ago

tpM wrote:

hmmm... maybe something like this?

or this ?

could you tell me what headphones you are using ?

Updated by tpM almost 8 years ago

The attack part is a bit tubey. I know IRL an assault rifle is very loud and powerful (attached an example, I experimented with such sounds recently), but since we cant make perspective specific sounds in Arma, I see the optimal solution in the current mid-way sounds.

Oh, Im using TDK ST-PRO300 headphone.

Updated by sgtmoody1944 almost 8 years ago

tpM wrote:

The attack part is a bit tubey. I know IRL an assault rifle is very loud and powerful (attached an example, I experimented with such sounds recently), but since we cant make perspective specific sounds in Arma, I see the optimal solution in the current mid-way sounds.

Oh, Im using TDK ST-PRO300 headphone.

This actually sounds a lot like the M-16 sounds that were used in the FFUR/SLX 2007 mod for Flashpoint classic, but at least it is distinctly different from the firing effects of the M-4/16 in Build 35.

Updated by Scubaman3D almost 8 years ago

Sounds are generally a matter of taste but I like the new sounds overall.

The only thing I wanted to point out was that sometimes the reverb sound is awkward. It comes a good while after and sometimes with the saw if you fire only 1 shot, it sounds like 3 shots echo back to you. This could probably be tweaked.

Still, overall - good work.

Updated by Vikhr almost 8 years ago

At first I completely hated the sounds, I thought that they lacked a lot of attack and sounded quite flat. However after a few days with them I find most of the sounds fine. Some of the sounds I find to be major improvements over their previous ones, mainly the 240 and 249 (except for that odd echo issue that Scubaman3D pointed out above.)

I find that the sounds for the AK's with 7.62 and the AK's with 5.45 to be too similar and sometimes I have even mistaken the AK's with the Armalite's at a distance. However I find the "powerful AK74" example to be a step in the right direction IMO.

However it's all subjective and it comes down to personal preference and the type of speakers/headphones and what kind of audio interface you're using. I am using a Presonus Firestudio Mobile and Sennheiser HD280.

Updated by rocko almost 7 years ago

  • Target version set to 395

Updated by mr.g-c almost 7 years ago

wheresmyrabbit wrote:

tpM wrote:

hmmm... maybe something like this?

or this ?

could you tell me what headphones you are using ?

This one "ak_eq_comp.rar" aswell as TPM "rew" sounds very good....

Updated by mr.g-c almost 7 years ago

Also, i have conducted some intense playing yesterday and i think the 5.xx mm Rifle Sounds should still made a little bit louder. Somehow driving by cars and Tanks engine noise are twice as loud as my Weapon Sounds.

Ohh and PK Series needs a better Sound. It sounds like a 30mm Cannon from a BMP or at least like a DshKM currently, but it has a distinctive metallic Sound in RL:

I know thats really hard to make ingame, but the current one sounds like a gigantic mixture between a barking AK, a DshKM and 30mm BMP Canon also loudness-wise. :-)

Updated by tpM almost 7 years ago

What do you think about these new HMG sounds?

Updated by VKing almost 7 years ago

Needs more oomph. For lack of a better word I think they sound a bit to puny for an HMG.

Updated by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

As promised, the latest ACEX_SM update is signed with a new generic key.
And we've made the bisign files available for previously released v1.0 and v1.1.
For those that like the old sounds better, please find the details over at
Please do try out future versions of ACEX_SM, ya never know when the sound'll rock your socks again :)

Updated by ss9 almost 7 years ago

There are too many sound mods because too many people don't seem to have a clue what gunshots really sound like. The previous build was actually pretty good. It just totally ruins it for me when i hear tinny, weak, or mechanical gunshot sounds. Granted, m16/4 etc is not a very big bullet, but it's got a lot of powder behind it, a muzzle break, and in the case of the m4, a short barrel.

Updated by ss9 almost 7 years ago

could using the 1.0 sound mod be why I'm getting ghosting again? Seems unlikely, but anything's possible.
All of a sudden, enemy ai pays no attention to me, I may or may not be able to kill them, other players can't see me in game, I can't blow anything up, and I can't get in any vehicles. May be related to Dom, but the mission I play didn't change, and I think it only happens in ace.

Updated by rocko almost 7 years ago

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  • Target version deleted (395)

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