Bug #10679

*_1 slots losing squad leader privs when quiting game.

Added by Tankbuster almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Squad leaders (***_1 slots) are losing SL abilities. Urgent fix.

Possible fix is to give them a higher rank in editor.

Will try this first.


Updated by Tankbuster almost 7 years ago

Clarification: SL's lose ability to command joined AI and team members, but retain ability to call drops/arty.

Updated by Tankbuster almost 7 years ago


Perhaps in respawn.sqf..

//tanky subroutine to make sure squad leaders STAY squad leaders on rejoin/respawn.
_squadleaders = ["alpha_1","bravo_1","charlie_1","delta_1","echo_1"];
_p = player;
_playersquad = group _p;

if name _p is in _squadleaders {
   if _p != leader _playersquad { _playersquad selectLeader _p};

Updated by Rarius almost 7 years ago

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The file is x_playerspawn.sqf and the code can be simplified to the following

if (name _p in ["alpha_1","bravo_1","charlie_1","delta_1","echo_1"])then { (group _p) selectLeader _p; }

There should be no problem in setting the leader every time even if the leader already is the right player.

I have emailed tanky an updated copy of the file.

Updated by Tankbuster almost 7 years ago

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I reviewed the server logs of from the two times this happened. It seems that both times the team leader crashed. This means his client may not have quit in an orderly fashion, causing his not to JIP properly.
For this reason, we consider this a game engine bug and is very hard to recreate.
Nevertheless we have put in a piece of code that every time a player respawns, he is made squad leader if he is number 1 in his squad.

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