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AI slot count control

Added by ALHSLeo about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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If this possible - add some variable for count of enabled teams filled with ai - 4 teams vest, 4 teams east ( smaller, more ) filled with ai, all other slots for humans. Becouse ( or i can't find, or no this variable for server side ) if you start server with ai enabled - all 32 slots filled with ai, and after half hour server fps drop dramatically ( quad core with 4 gig of ram on the linux ), need any way to control count of ai's controled teams.
Admins can't before every map start disable 80 % of ai's controled teams :)


Updated by seregavlg about 7 years ago

You may remove this teams from editor

Updated by Benny about 7 years ago

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Editor's the answer.

Updated by ALHSLeo about 7 years ago

mission editor before mission start ? or ?
P.S. And bad only one : if i disable bots for specific squads - if player login in this squad - then he don't got money, and can't vote commander ....

Updated by Benny about 7 years ago

If the slot is disabled, then the group doesn't exist... it miss the initialization. Remove slots from the Editor and remove the 2 links (groups array) in initJIPCompatible.sqf.

Updated by ALHSLeo about 7 years ago

thanx for your answer Benny, i try to modify it for own needs :)

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