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Help with spectator buttons

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Hi, i'm trying to use the new spectator buttons. I have looked at the code and it looks like that it's not posible to configure the text of the 4 butons. I have used:

ace_sys_spectator_RevButtons = ["Base 1", "movile respawn", "movile respawn 2", "X"];

And ,as spected, the names of the buttons are still "respawn 1", "respawn 2",....

The second try was to change the buttons via ctrlSetText. I have tried both:

ctrlSetText [50018, "Base 1"];

_disp = (findDisplay 55001);
_button1 = _disp displayctrl 50018;
_button1 ctrlSetText "Base 1";

But the text don't change :(.

I had no problems to change the buttons action via:

 buttonSetAction [50018, "call myfunction;"];

So the question is: there is a temporal way to change the text of the buttons? or i must wait for newer versions ?
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

BUttonTest.utes.rar - Mision (3.6 kB) columdrum, 05/18/2010 18:59

buttons.JPG - Screen of the buttons (135.3 kB) columdrum, 05/18/2010 18:59

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Added by Xeno over 6 years ago

~FIXED: ctrlSetText was missing for the revive buttons in spectator, refs #10642


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Updated by ViperMaul almost 7 years ago

Attach the mission you have. And we will see what's going on.

Updated by columdrum almost 7 years ago

Thanks, i have uploaded it right now. Some variable names and mensages are in spanish, i have removed everything that was not related to the "revive" part of it.

I am trying to change the text of the buttons that has the spectator mode(image attached) using just that i said on my first post.

Updated by ViperMaul over 6 years ago

Well it appears the we may need to add some code to fix this.
So far it looks like a bug in our spectator. I will look to fix.

Updated by ViperMaul over 6 years ago

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Updated by Dr_Eyeball over 6 years ago

What button type is it? (Edit: I just saw image, they are shortcut buttons.)
Most buttons are now becoming CT_SHORTCUT_BUTTON type, which use type structured text, not string.
So instead of ctrlSetText, you would need ctrlSetStructuredText parseText.

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

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ctrlSetText was missing.

You don't need buttonSetAction.

Just create the following functions (also changable during a mission).

ace_sys_spectator_fnc_rbutton1 = {
    // add code here that executes when button 1 gets pressed

ace_sys_spectator_fnc_rbutton2 = {
    // add code here that executes when button 2 gets pressed

ace_sys_spectator_fnc_rbutton3 = {
    // add code here that executes when button 3 gets pressed

ace_sys_spectator_fnc_rbutton4 = {
    // add code here that executes when button 4 gets pressed

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Updated by columdrum over 6 years ago

Thanks Dr_Eyeball, using ctrlSetStructuredText worked :).

By the way Xeno you have used:

(_disp displayCtrl _cRButton3) ctrlSetText (GVAR(RevButtons) select 2)

In the fix:

You should use:

(_disp displayCtrl _cRButton3) ctrlSetStructuredText parseText (GVAR(RevButtons) select 2)

Updated by Xeno over 6 years ago

Na, ctrlSetText works fine for those buttons.

It was simply completely missing (accidentally removed before commit).

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