Bug #10633

Cannot disarm inactive SLAM

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Target version:1.2
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Reproduction steps: Place an M2/M4 SLAM (inside US Special weapons, PS maybe they should also be included in the ordinance box), then attempt to disarm it.

Observed behaviour: You cannot disarm it.

Desired Behaviour: You should be able to disarm it (ie pick it up), since the fusing pin has not been pulled and the mine in not active.

I understand there is some sort of anti-tamper mechanism for the M2/M4 series, and if this is implemented in ACE, the method to do so may be causing the problem. In any case I don't think it is mentioned in the wiki. But on this specific issue it should have no bearing - in the above scenario the mine has not been armed and you should be able to retrieve it.

Arma2.RPT (2 MB) fireship4, 05/13/2010 09:47


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