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'Chat' ability also in singleplayer

Added by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Why? Would be an effective way of taking notes during singleplayer testing. Also, during singleplayer games, it would have my own "chatlog" where I might lookup my original plan, or whatever :)

Another feature in this respect would be to log everything I say in a new chatlog file, although the .rpt file would do as well.

How we currently need to "work": In map, put in marker of your note, but there are things you really need to put in the actual playscreen.


Updated by kju about 7 years ago

well you can do this via a debug console pretty much like Gaia's right?

Updated by Fireball about 7 years ago

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It sounds awkward to me, but OTOH, who cares if it's enabled or not? Shall those vote who find it useful...

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

@kju: Yes you can, except it isn't signed. That means you have to juggle more around on addons. And even if it was, I'm sure I'd want to try to connect to servers that didn't have the key. Having to juggle addons around like that, I find that I haven't used Gaia's debug console (which is excellent btw) as much as I'd like to. Now, if BIS could actually provide us with some builtin debugging options and/or automatic addon management...

@Fireball: If you find it awkward, how do you do it? In multiplayer, I just go somewhere quiet, and on the direct channel I type "NTS (Note to self): Crap, forgot to add item xxx to player yyy" and take a screenshot of the screen. In singleplayer, I have to take screenshot of whatever the situation is, and try to remember what it was that actually happened. And no, I haven't used pen and paper in ages :)

If no automatic chatlog file writing of whatever you get on screen, even a diag_log command (without format support, possible cheaters tool) would be nice to store "#diag_log NTS: Forgot medical." to the rpt for later review instead of tons of screenshots.

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

How SP related to MP? You lost me there.

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

It's related in that you don't have to toggle what addons you use. I don't want to shut down Arma just because I'm editing and testing in SP, then uploading an exported mission and testing further in MP :)

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

Disable verifySignatures on your local or online DS. Sign the file yourself with your own key.
Sorry your argument is not valid.

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

Well, it still is for me and probably others who isn't into addon making or sign creation etc :( Most probably haven't even downloaded the tools needed to do it, if missions are all they are into. But never mind, reject if you don't want others to have a (what I thought to be rather "trivial") feature that you can live without. I'll just continue to be annoyed with the things I wish I could do but can't...

Updated by kju about 7 years ago

No need to reject it. I just think it has little chance to get realized due to the alternatives and little benefit.

In the end you can always use pen and paper or window mode to external text editor.

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