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SU25 Cannon Sound

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The SU25 cannon sound has changed since the 1.05 patch. It sounds now like a buzzing noise which doesnt sound very lethal at all and takes away the immersion when you hear a friendly Su25 flying over buzzing away as it gun runs some targets. I dont know if this change was intentional, but since it is also a 30mm cannon like that of the A10, without it being a rotary one admittedly, one would think that it would have a similar sound when fired.

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It's true, it lacks the power. The guns need to "blast" when fired, same with A-10 (there's a ticket open already). The distinct sound and specially the bass blast is missing on either.

Unfortunately I can't find any (audio/video) footage from real life on firing the gun.

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"it's not bug, it's a feature"

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