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Cluttered Aircradt HUD - Green Boxes over empty destroyed or non-destroyed ground targets

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I am writing about a problem that has become really bothersome after patch 1.05 when the developers "improved" the HUD from aircrafts. They added green boxes over empty and stationary ground targets and in target-rich environments it becomes an absolute pain to spot anything other than the fore-mentioned green boxes.

In servers such as Domination or in missions with CAS over areas with a good number of targets, flying has become an utter pain, for now we who like to fly fixed wing have an extremely difficult time locating what needs to be destroyed to support ground troops and what has already been destroyed due to the enormous cluttering on the HUD. More often that not it's even difficult to see the gun crosshair on the HUD given the inadequacy of these green boxes being unnecessarily drawn over our HUD.

So, this is more like a plea... please Mr Developers remove these green boxes from the HUD and bring it back to pre-1.05 standards. It was perfect the way it was. If it's not broken, there's no need to fix it. The aircrafts are really fine and these green boxes do us no good.

I am also enclosing some screen shots I took from a SimHQ mission to illustrate the matter even further.

I hope something can be done about the problem, because the aircrafts have become practically useless in target-rich environments now.

Thank you beforehand for any help.

P.S.: Be aware that I am not referring to the solid green boxes that are drawn over targets when we press TAB. Those are fine the way they are. I am talking about these ones that appear no mater what over empty and stationary targets and will not disappear even after the target has been destroyed. These are the disturbing ones.


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related to Arma 2: Community Configuration Project - Bug #63911: Remove the ability of AV8B, AV8B2 and A10 to show targets... Closed 11/10/2012


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I am updating this issue and adding some more info pertaining to Operation Arrowhead as the issue has been dragged from Arma2 and only affects a few arbitrary aircraft. The problem is still the same. Green boxes get drawn over empty, occupied or stationary objects which have or have not been destroyed and will clutter you HUD completely in heavily fortified positions or missions. The problem can get so serious that even your crosshair will be difficult to identify at times.

The only two aircraft affected by this "feature" are the A10 and the Harrier. I am also enclosing several screenshots to exemplify the way it looks in those two fore-mentioned aircraft and the clean way it appears will all the remaining aircraft in the game. As this is aircraft-specific I imagine this is even easier to fix. I here I am begging so a developer could be sympathized by the problem and include in a possible future patch.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope this matter can be sorted out.

Here are some screenshots to further exemplify the problem:

Just so you understand what I did. I got 22 M2 Machine guns and spread them out around the city. Choosing the M2 Machine Gun was totally arbitrary. I was just trying to show what it'd look like if you were attacking a heavily fortified position with a good quantity of enemies and tried to CAS your buddies on the ground.

The first two screeshots show the way these green boxes appear in the A10 HUD:


This is the way the harrier HUD will look like in the same situation:


And now for the aircraft that don't suffer from the green box problem.

This is how the Apache mini-HUD will appear. Beautifully uncluttered. My dream is to see the A10 and Harrier HUD this way.


The next aircraft are the F35, the Osprey and the Su25, all of which are crystal clear and perfectly uncluttered, just like the A10 and Harrier could also be.


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Updated by messiah about 6 years ago

Everything is still the same on 1.59... it would be great if it would be possible to disable this feature completely.

Updated by kju about 6 years ago

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One can disable it with an addon at least: DisabledRadarTargetsMFDDisplayInPlanes

Updated by messiah about 6 years ago

Thanks kju!

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I think without those green boxes is fine.
And BIS don't need to rework anything.
Because player has possibility to RMB the target revealing/locking it because visually identified previously. Otherwise wouldn't have RMB the target if no visual. Everything fine as for me.

Other problem is possibility to lock even destroyed targets. Can maybe be fixed in certain way?

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