Feature #10472

Some suggestions for the spectator system

Added by columdrum about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Target version:1.2
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The spectator system is great but i have a little suggestion, both the player name on the left bottom of the screen and the "poor man revive" timer texts are really small and are hard to read. I think that those 2 are important data and should be more visible, not everybody plays on a 42" screen ^^.

And this is a personal preference only, but i have used the spectator mode to film some games and normally i disable the UI to get better visual and i change between player with the keys, but in the video later it's hard to know who was who. So the other sugestion is to make the name of the target you are watching visible always(even with UI disabled) or at least a for a little time while changing targets, so yo don't have to enable the UI again to know the name of who you are watching. As i said this is only a personal preference i don't know if everybody will agree ^^, but you could put it as an option instead :P

Associated revisions

Revision 5580636b
Added by Xeno about 7 years ago

Bigger font sizes for spectator unit name and life timer, refs #10472

Revision ffa5e1ec
Added by Xeno about 7 years ago

If UI is toggled off, display the currently selected unit name for 5 seconds (when switching between units too), refs #10472


Updated by columdrum about 7 years ago

One last suggestion i forgot it's to add a tag to A.I. units sommething like: "(A.I.) name" , or put the name in a different color

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half done

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Fully done :P

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