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Allow easier shaped marker selection

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For large ellipse markers (eg: 150-600m radius) which are centred over a complex camp of objects, it becomes frustratingly difficult to be able to select that marker again for editing, because it's centre is unknown and the objects at that point are usually detected first.

Screenshot shows example for a reduced small radius. However, it become impossibly difficult for larger radius (eg: 300, 400, 600m+) because you can't even see the border anymore from the centre to even estimate where it might be. (I sometimes waste 10 minutes looking for the centre. Multiply that out for multiple sectors and multiple missions.)

There are several ways to improve this.
While you are in "Markers (F6)" mode, either:
  1. allow marker selection by clicking it's border, or maybe inside of the shaped marker anywhere, (if there are no other objects around the clicked area).
  2. or for large markers (maybe 50m+), either draw a dot at the centre of the marker,
    or (semi-transparent dashed) vector line from the marker's centre to it's perimeter edge.
    (I think the dot would be the easiest solution overall. At least you can then search for the dot when zoomed in.)

a2CIT_markerSelection.jpg (121 kB) Dr_Eyeball, 05/02/2010 05:34


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Good suggestions!

Updated by CarlGustaffa about 7 years ago

Agreed. Voted yes obviously. As a workaround you can place empty markers to mark the markers center... Ehh... :)

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