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Unrestrict 3rd-person Vehicle Free View

Added by wamingo about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Vehicle 3rd Person free view restrictions varies wildly between vehicles and also depends greatly on your position (ie gunner or driver).
3rd person view is already unrealistic and therefore it's unnecessarily inconsistent and annoying.

For instance:
Gunners, Commanders and Loaders can typically only "freely" rotate around the vertical axis (at their guns elevation), while Drivers and Passengers typically can rotate nearly 360 degrees.
Of course The MRLS driver can only see ~90 degrees left/right and ~30 up/down, while other tank drivers can see rather more. BRDM driver however can see just as freely as a hummer driver.
And so on.

Remove the 3rd person vehicle free view restrictions.
yay or nay?

Personally would I prefer FULL Free View meaning the ability to spin beyond 360 degrees. But I'll take what I can get.


Updated by kju about 7 years ago

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I don't really get your suggestion wamingo.

BI sets the view according to realistic behavior basically.
If you can point out problems with single vehicles, please do so wamingo.

Updated by wamingo about 7 years ago

Perhaps I should mention that I only suggest unrestricting rotation (and not zoom).

Notice that it's really several issues and that I suggest eliminating them all by no longer fixing the Free View to the character's head limits or whichever it is.

If you insist on keeping blind angles (what you call realistic behaviour), then at the very least fix the inconsistencies between vehicle roles where applicable.

For instance:

Humvee Gunner can only rotate 3rd person view on the vertical axis (left/right).
But in 1st person he can rotate on the horizontal too (up/down), as expected.
The Driver however, can rotate freely and even see straight up despite the roof is made of solid steel.

A BRDM or stryker driver can see just as freely as a humvee driver, but a T72/M1 driver can not.
A T72 Driver has ~30 degrees up/down freedom but Commander & Gunner has 0.
Which means the Commander of a T72 sitting on a slope will be scratching his head when the camera is pushed against the hill.

Which leads me to call on the example of flying (especially jets) in 3rd person. However in flying there is a whole other point that may deserve its own topic: The camera doesn't roll with the plane. Whether that is desirable or not, the camera currently follows your characters view which means when you roll the plane ever so slightly past 90 degrees left or right your horizontal free view control is reversed, which makes it quite difficult to use, often resulting in the camera swinging around uselessly.
Unintuitive would also be an accurate description.
This could be fixed by either Rolling the view with the vehicle (which frankly I think would be awesome, even for land vehicles) -- or by allowing the camera to spin freely around the vehicles center which would fix just about everything including the commander/gunner stuff.

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Well, suggestion is suggestion - we may like it or not (vote up or down). Thanks for the clarification.

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There is a case coming in my mind that could be a reason for a bug ticket. Until I prepare a repro, I'll post here because sounds related.

When you are gunner of AH64, and the cannon brokes, the cannon will be stick pointing down. Ok, but the same happens for your head because it's linked to the cannon angles.
When you use free view (alt+mouse) in this situation, the gunner head rotates in a funny way.

Updated by Trips almost 7 years ago

I think I understand what he means. The worst case is the mortar gunner, your freelook angles are restricted to the point of 0 awareness of the things around you.

Updated by kju almost 7 years ago

Thanks wamingo for the detailed list.
This is exactly what is needed to allow BI fix them one by one.

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