Bug #10265

Medics still not getting points for healing.

Added by Tankbuster about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Xeno has used an odd method that relies on the heal animation to check if someone is being healed or doing the healing. We know WHY he did it that way - so that the scoring system allowed for more than simultaneous healing activity, but at the moment, we can't make it actually work.

x_mediccheck.sqf (1.5 kB) Rarius, 05/03/2010 16:41


Updated by Tankbuster about 7 years ago

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Priority changed to high

Updated by Rarius about 7 years ago

I have rewritten x_mediccheck.sqf and made it simpler and cleaner. It now works when the medic heals someone, but still doesn't give points if someone heals themself at a medic.

All issues with medics getting extra points when stood next to engineers repairing and anyone healing at a mash are fixed by this.

Updated by Xeno about 7 years ago

By looking at your version... you do no check for units that the medic allready got points for but are still in healing animation.

Updated by Rarius about 7 years ago

@Xeno, Firstly, thanks for posting. Secondly, I don't need to do that check because of the way my version works.

My code relies on the fact that the medic does an animation, not that the unit being healed does one (which they don't seem to do!)

As in your version, the code loops continuously, but when the medic starts an animation, the code enters the IF at line 27. If this is the first time round the loop since the animation started the code at lines 32-42 executes then sets the _isHealing flag. This flag prevents this code executing again until the animation has finished.

Updated by Xeno about 7 years ago

Im keeping a reference of the units the medic got allready points for and remove them again once they are finished with the heal animation.
But yes, if an engineer fixes something and a medic is near him, the medic gets points :P

But probably the best way is the handleHeal EH... http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Event_Handlers#HandleHeal
It will tell you exactly what is going on.

Updated by Tankbuster about 7 years ago

Xeno, thanks for looking. Appreciated.
Domi 2 came too late for us to use it in this, but we plan to use it for future projects, so we aren't spending vast amount of time on this. We want to get the core of the scoring system working, even it it still has a few anomalies.
AFAIK, our method fixes the 'medic gets points if engineer fixes something nearby' too.
We'll be playing it proper this evening. Feel free to drop by! :)

Updated by Rarius about 7 years ago

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Tested last night... works fine.

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