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UPSMON and civilians

Added by Rafalsky about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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It would be good to have options special for civilians. We could populate the town with civilians patrols.

options eg:
"civEast", "civWest", "civIns", "civNeutal" - civilians collaborate with East, West , Insurgents, or are neutral.

[0]. Civilians patrols are independent, they do not work together ect, they are just civilians.

[1]. Civilians always run out of the zone of fighting (zone where is shooting, explosions etc). But still they try stay in the marker zone.

[2]. "civEast": Wnet civilians spot no-East units they run out of them and reports (let say up to 100m - as they do not have radio) to East units the presents of enemy.

[3]. When "civNeutral", they do not react to any units and not report. But when start shooting they run out of zone of fighting. as in [1].


Updated by Rafalsky about 7 years ago

To have civilians in the town: the players can not use heavy explosive weapons (eg. HYDRAS in heli etc), we must be very precise in killing only enemy. as in real life.

It would be great to have variables which records civilians killed by side.

so we can use trigger:
eg. player is on west side.

? WestKillCiv > 2 then finish the mission.

Updated by Monsada about 7 years ago

great idea, I will add something, if civilian has enemy side if can report will do and if can take weapons from a corpse or near will do too.

Updated by Rafalsky about 7 years ago

Monsada wrote:

if can take weapons from a corpse or near will do too.

better not, to know that, oposite side to civilian will kill civilians as the potential enemy. We can not kill civilians it is war crime !!! ? :)

Updated by galzohar about 7 years ago

Define "civilian". If they fight against you (even if indirectly) it's not necessarily a war crime.

Counting civilians killed by X side should be rather easy (a simple "killed" event handler on each civilian should get the job done).

Overall some special civilian behavior would be nice, as currently I just make them patrol as if they were a normal UPSMON squad just so that they don't sit at the same place. Running as far away from combat as possible would be nice on one hand, but on the other hand they shouldn't just run into the open. Maybe make them (or give an option to make them) try to take cover in nearby buildings or in buildings that aren't right next to the fighting when possible.

Updated by Rafalsky about 7 years ago

In this case killed Civilian with the weapons should not be counted as civilian. So a varialble as WestKillCiv (civ killed by WEST) is nesessary as simple event handler (given to all civilians) will not work, as it is not easy separate who had wepon an who had not. Unsless the script will check that this civ had weapon or used static weapon.

If civilians can use weapons, such group are like unarmed enemies. So I think this function in not nessesary. Let civilians be someones who never fight. And always we have to be aware to do not kill civilians.

Updated by Rafalsky over 6 years ago

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Updated by Rafalsky over 6 years ago

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