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Commander's Turret Overide for AFVs

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Is there any scope to allow the commander to slew the main turret and elevate/ depress the gun so he can give targets to the Gunner?

In Real life, LAVs, Bradleys and Abrams (at least) have a small Joystick in the commander's position that allows him/her to override the gunner and lay the gun onto a specific target. There is also a 'Gunner's primary sight extension' that allows the commander to see exactly what the gunner sees (as is already implemented with the Gunships in ACE2). This is one of the main systems used by tank crews aquire and engage targets.

I realise there may be engine issues giving the commander control of a turret controlled by another crew member, so a compromise would be that the gunner has a circle (which has an arrow that follows the edge of the screen if the circle is outside of his FOV) that indicates exactly where the commander is looking (commander can also see/toggle circle on and off). The other advantage of this is that randoms cannot hijack your turret in a public game. I am aware that the game has something similar (command gunner to engage target through AFV commands), but it seems to be tied to difficulty levels/not work in MP.

Given that the current system relies on the commander giving the gunner a bearing and then describing range (no no, next to the OTHER tree in the forest.), something like this would add realistic enhancement to AFV engagements.


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It would be great indeed, but I doubt it's possible (and if it miraculously is, it would include messing with model animations which is not my area of expertise). Maybe rocko can provide some input.

Updated by Aushilfe about 7 years ago

Turrets are hardcoded, cant be overwriten.
Only permanent scripts can use the data of the gunner and commander turret to animate a fake main turret. Bullets need to be set to the memorypoints of the faketurret then.

Updated by Floydii about 7 years ago

Is option B (the circle) still possible?

Better than nothing.

Updated by chappy about 7 years ago

alternatively, make the gunners slew to commanders direction of observation a gunner command rather than a commander override command?(gunner hits 'x' and script gets commanders direction he is looking and swings turret to that direction)

(existing AI commands include the ability to order ai to 'watch' a certain direction?)

Updated by jhoson14 about 7 years ago

I have a weird ideia...I dont know if its possible, but there's its go:

Theres a place under compass wich shows nearby enemys in red, is there a way to make a type of "Marker" to commander point while holing a button wich show on that little bar another color maker; like a yellow dot for example.It dosent need to point distance or anything like that, just a yellow marker under a certain degree of compass.

This would help the gunner find the target with a spot marking over the direction.

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sad face.

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