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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
75526 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalSetCaptive "True" when enemy AI is "Arrested"kujo4210/25/2014 18:02sys_advanced_interaction10.9
75525 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewNormalLittoral/Naval OperationsTupolov10/25/2014 16:16ALiVE Beta Release 0.9.51
75523 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewNormalThe Mk16 Mod 0 CQC Surefire (CUP_arifle_Mk16_CQC_SFG_Holo) and Mk16 Standard surefire use the Mk17 models instead of the Mk16AlwarrenAlwarren10/25/2014 07:19Infantry Weapons0
75521 DevHeaven (Only site issues)BugNewNormalLoadout editor for arma 3mgysgt10/24/2014 22:040
75520 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewLowSome weapon sounds are louder than others.AlwarrenAlwarren10/24/2014 15:38Infantry Weapons0
75519 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewNormalCZ805 B uses 5.56 silencerAlwarrenAlwarren10/24/2014 09:00Infantry Weapons0
75516 Combat Space EnhancementBugResolvedNormalInstant DeathTeagsglowbal10/25/2014 16:07sys_medical0.9.10
75515 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewNormalCheck weight of ammo clips and beltsAlwarrenAlwarren10/23/2014 13:30Infantry Weapons0
75514 Community Upgrade ProjectBugNewNormalAmmo crates have no physx LODAlwarrenAlwarren10/23/2014 13:28Infantry Weapons0
75512 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalRadial Menu ALiVE don't workSPG10/22/2014 18:48ALiVE Compatability0
75510 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalIEDs do not explode with explosives.Lechonatorglowbal10/24/2014 09:59OtherFuture0
75509 ArmA 3: ALiVEBugNewNormalArma2Net detectionVRCRaptor10/22/2014 08:33ALiVE v1.00
75508 All in ArmaBugNewNormalMG Nest bugs in AiA SAwarzen10/21/2014 19:070
75507 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalCan't move when carrying/dragging dead bodyMistaParadox10/23/2014 15:23sys_medical20.8
75506 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalDarter UAV Batteries to replaceablesnhxFirefighter10/21/2014 05:00sys_equipment1
75503 All in ArmaBugResolvedHighAliabad and Esbekistan still have screwed up the sky textures.kjukju10/20/2014 19:22Next release0
75502 All in ArmaTaskResolvedHighChange underwater water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.kjukju10/20/2014 19:22Next release0
75498 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalCIRCULATION Management & HYPOPERFUSION SystemSingleton10/20/2014 08:38sys_medicalFuture0
75491 All in ArmaTaskResolvedUrgentDisable infinite terrain in Aliabad, Esbekistan, Hazar Kot, Tarin Kot for the time being to stop crashes.kjukju10/19/2014 08:242014-10-180
75490 All in ArmaTaskResolvedHighRemove terrain listed in an alphabetic order as it causes issues when terrains are not present.kjukju10/19/2014 08:242014-10-180
75489 All in ArmaTaskResolvedHighDisable main menu intros for custom terrains.kjukju10/19/2014 08:242014-10-180
75488 All in ArmaFeatureResolvedUrgentMake more community made terrains support custom lighting.kjukju10/19/2014 08:242014-10-180
75487 All in ArmaTaskResolvedHighChange surface water color back to default again and leave custom only for Chernarus.kjukju10/19/2014 08:242014-10-180
75486 All in ArmaTaskResolvedImmediateUpdate PG Services - Private Military Company replacement for PMC faction.kjukju10/19/2014 08:24All in Arma High Quality Pack0
75485 All in ArmaFeatureResolvedHighAdd Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3 for CZ faction.kjukju10/19/2014 08:24All in Arma High Quality Pack0
75481 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugResolvedNormalFaction icon for US army is wrong.kjukju10/18/2014 16:07ConfigNext patch0
75480 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalC&C Tablet and PDA show azimuth of targetBlankedyBlank10/18/2014 12:25sys_cc1
75479 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalC&C Tablet and PDA applet to convert bearing and distance into grid referenceBlankedyBlank10/18/2014 14:06sys_ccFuture1
75478 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewLowAllow towing for more vehiclesr.rangedahl10/22/2014 14:290
75474 All in ArmaFeatureResolvedImmediateAdd Chernarus summer version.kjukju10/17/2014 17:052014-10-180

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