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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
74931 DayZ - Zombie RPG SurvivalBugNewNormalOverpowered zeds?TheEldon08/01/2014 02:310
74930 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalAbility to change textcolor of nametagsr.rangedahl07/31/2014 21:54Other0.3.*0
74929 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalCampfires cause bleedingAhPotatoes07/31/2014 14:08sys_medical02.8
74927 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewUrgentPrioritizing woundsr.rangedahl07/31/2014 06:06sys_medical0
74926 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalWeapon resting doesn't work wellserjamesglowbal07/30/2014 17:30sys_weaponrest0.3.00
74925 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalChange how the Personal Aid Kit (fully heal) worksAhPotatoesglowbal07/30/2014 17:31sys_medical0.3.012.8
74917 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalCPR AnimationAfpca07/26/2014 19:53Animations0
74916 Combat Space EnhancementBugIn progressNormalCan't see synced units on the BluFor Trackerr.rangedahlglowbal08/01/2014 00:16sys_cc0.3.00
74914 CBA_A3BugResolvedNormalNo warning for duplicate keybindsTaosenaiTaosenai07/26/2014 07:12KeybindingCBA_A3_FINAL0
74913 CBA_A3BugResolvedNormalCancel and ESC key does not revert your key assignmentViperMaulTaosenai07/26/2014 06:28KeybindingCBA_A3_FINAL0
74911 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugFeedbackNormalIron Front Arma Version Patchyankee1950yankee195007/29/2014 19:14Game Crash0
74910 Combat Space EnhancementBugIn progressNormalLoading 'arrested' units into vehiclessomnersglowbal07/30/2014 18:54sys_advanced_interaction0.3.020.3
74909 Combat Space EnhancementBugFeedbackNormalBlood doesn't show on player when shotToxicSpare07/28/2014 09:06sys_medical0
74905 Arma ExtendedBugNewNormalExplosives placing bugs out if mods not initialized in correct orderdash07/25/2014 02:340
74904 ArmA 3: ALiVEBugFeedbackNormalUnits setCapture true (or civlian) get profiled despite ligthertARJay07/26/2014 03:230
74903 ArmA 3: ALiVEBugFeedbackNormalUnit duplication with sys_profiler in combination with '_unit setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true];'ligthertARJay07/26/2014 03:220
74901 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalCMS is causing big desyncshoter0glowbal07/28/2014 13:09sys_medical0.2.*3
74900 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerTaskAssignedNormalShow DLC version in the main menu.kjukju07/24/2014 06:08InterfaceNext patch0
74898 A.C.E. for OABugNewNormalace menu not opening mrwan7407/23/2014 19:46Complex0
74896 Arma ExtendedBugNewNormalError - EarPlugsPabloElKillo07/23/2014 05:350
74895 Arma ExtendedBugNewNormalError - CMFlareLauncherPabloElKillo07/23/2014 05:320
74892 ArmA 3: ALiVESupportNewNormalWar Room DataLIUC07/22/2014 20:570
74885 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalMedical Facility with CS from ALiVEAfpcaglowbal07/24/2014 07:03ALiVE Compatability0.3.010.3
74884 CBA_A3TaskNewNormalImprove Functions with the new pushBack command.ViperMaul07/22/2014 16:19FunctionsCBA_A3_FINAL0
74881 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalNametags stream up the screen when halo jumpingAhPotatoesglowbal07/30/2014 20:00UI0.3.000.27
74880 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalA packing bandage should fail if you do not apply a field dressingAhPotatoes07/22/2014 01:49sys_medical0
74878 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalUnable to resuscitate unresponsive unit in the field AhPotatoes07/22/2014 10:07sys_medical10.27
74875 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalInjury should have an effect on fatigue/weapon swayAhPotatoesglowbal07/22/2014 17:53sys_medical0.3.000.27
74872 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewNormalSet name of vehicles created by support modules.M_Currie07/24/2014 03:492
74871 CWR² Community BugtrackerBugIn progressNormalVoice 2EliasPinto08/01/2014 03:11Configs0

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