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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes Affected Version
74898 A.C.E. for OABugNewNormalace menu not opening mrwan7407/23/2014 19:46Complex0
74896 Arma ExtendedBugNewNormalError - EarPlugsPabloElKillo07/23/2014 05:350
74895 Arma ExtendedBugNewNormalError - CMFlareLauncherPabloElKillo07/23/2014 05:320
74894 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalAbility to sync "Assign BFT info" module to ALiVE Combat Support modules/vehiclesr.rangedahl07/22/2014 22:100
74892 ArmA 3: ALiVESupportNewNormalWar Room DataLIUC07/22/2014 20:570
74885 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalMedical Facility with CS from ALiVEAfpcaglowbal07/22/2014 17:52sys_medical0.3.010.3
74884 CBA_A3TaskNewNormalImprove Functions with the new pushBack command.ViperMaul07/22/2014 16:19FunctionsCBA_A3_FINAL0
74883 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewNormalAbilty to define which vehicles are used in convoys by classnames. Crook07/22/2014 04:200
74881 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalNametags stream up the screen when halo jumpingAhPotatoesglowbal07/22/2014 17:53UI0.2.*00.27
74880 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalA packing bandage should fail if you do not apply a field dressingAhPotatoes07/22/2014 01:49sys_medical0
74878 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalUnable to resuscitate unresponsive unit in the field AhPotatoes07/22/2014 10:07sys_medical10.27
74875 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalInjury should have an effect on fatigue/weapon swayAhPotatoesglowbal07/22/2014 17:53sys_medical0.3.000.27
74872 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewNormalSet name of vehicles created by support modules.M_Currie07/22/2014 00:231
74871 CWR² Community BugtrackerBugNewNormalVoice 2EliasPinto07/21/2014 22:47Configs0
74870 ArmA 3: ALiVEFeatureNewNormalBystrica - Add HQ location to index?ImperialAlex07/21/2014 15:410
74869 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureNewNormalAll CSE Items Craterye07/21/2014 09:082
74868 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalVehicle is propably changing nation after loading enemy unit into itshoter0glowbal07/22/2014 17:52sys_medical0.2.*0
74865 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewHighInteraction Menu Near VehiclesAfpca07/21/2014 03:59UI10.27
74864 Combat Space EnhancementFeatureAssignedNormalMake Unit Tag module use different color for units not in your group, also make it show unit rankgienkovglowbal07/22/2014 17:54OtherFuture3
74861 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalUnit is duplicating after deathshoter0glowbal07/22/2014 17:24sys_medical0.2.*1
74854 ARMA2 Community Issue TrackerBugNewNormalARMA 2 OA A.C.E. 2 bugHamonto07/19/2014 00:23Weapons0
74853 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalyou lying on the ground + drag unit + go backwards = you get stuck and the animation gets buggedNeGoov07/21/2014 08:18Animations10.2
74852 Combat Space EnhancementBugAssignedNormalCarry/Drag actions produces a lot of desyncNeGoovglowbal07/23/2014 18:52FrameworkFuture10.2
74851 Combat Space EnhancementBugNewNormalPlayer Blood PressureJumes07/19/2014 02:32sys_medical02.7
74850 Combat Space EnhancementBugIn progressNormalPlayer is able to do things while unconscious.Jumesglowbal07/22/2014 18:02sys_medical0.2.*12.7
74847 Combat Space EnhancementBugFeedbackNormalEven with the CPR option present, some casualties are not revive-ableWaffles07/22/2014 17:570
74845 LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmAFeatureResolvedNormalCSE Addon IntegrationM1n1d0u07/19/2014 08:26Addons support0
74844 LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmAFeatureNewNormalPatch Feature - Bootcamp update integrationM1n1d0u07/21/2014 14:370
74843 Iron Front in Arma - Issue TrackerBugAssignedNormalWeapon sounds are broken with A3 1.24 update.kjukju07/18/2014 06:51Sound2014-07-180
74842 Community Upgrade ProjectSupportFeedbackNormaluse .h files, not .hpp mikeroth3flyboy07/22/2014 18:150

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