Clear Feruz Abad

User documentation

SP/COOP Mission by Mosh 

No addons needed for regualr version... ACE version requires ACE

Clear Feruz Abad (Takistan)
    SP ACE
    COOP 10
    COOP 10 ACE

You have three objectives
    -destroy a HQ
    -blow up a scud
    -kill the warlord

    -objectives spawn randomly for replayability
    -norrin revive in coop versions, BIS First Aid in SP, ACE Wounds in ACE SP
    -well fortified enemy town means teamwork and planning is essential, not supposed to be an easy mission
    -many ways for the enemy to kill you... artillery, armor, snipers, etc...
    -no hippies

    1.0 - release

    Thanks to BIS for the best games ever.
    Thanks to everyone who has shared their knowledge on the BI Forums... people like W0lle, Kylania, [GLT]Myke, Bon, Celery, [sbs]mac, shk, Tophe, Big Dawg KS, JW Custom, and so many more.
    scripts by - shk, JW Custom, Harpoon1992, Tophe, norrin, shark-attack