A2WarMod v 1.1 Features

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Arma 2

V 1.1 2010

Warmod is a compilation mod that aims to fix,enhance, and alter many Effects and gameplay of Arma2.

- UI (user interface) change, the gamy indicators have been removed
- Realistic Audio-visual awareness inside vehicles, and Armor
- Weapon control
Realistic bullet, rocket ballistics, & rates of fire for small arms.
- fix for the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.
- Major AI Overhaul
- Dynamic Sound Echo System
- AH-64D systems, which includes: IHADSS, MFD & TADS system
- AI Spotting, engagement distances, hearing, and radar upgraded
- Dynamic sound & Extended voices - AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading,
throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! and say things based on the situation.
- Ability to Attach a Satchel to Vehicles, & Armor
- Functional Iron Sight for M136 and RPG
- Fighter Plane easier to fly
- zoom for all weapons without telescopic sight, includes mounted/static mgs
- New explosions for grenades, bombs, missiles, and general effects
- Upgraded grenadier
functional sights for Under-slung Grenade Launcher
- Modified grenades and grenade-launchers to increase carrying capacity.
- Added options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders
- Non-blinding sun
- Landscape textures more organic, coast lines have now more sandy beaches,
correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
- Fire and smoke upgraded
- Increased dust effects for all bullet hitimpacts, sparks and embers, ammo sparks explosion,
-Increased dust on bombs and artillery impacts
and many more!

A2WarMod Features
  • Gravel road speed *
    by andersson
    With this addon you are able to drive in 60-70 km/h on the small gravel roads
    Included .pbo files:
  • Andy mags - Ammo Object Replacement*
    by andersson
    This addon will replace default bag you see on the ground when
    you drop ammo or a weapon with the correct model of the ammo/weapon type.
    Included pbo files:
  • ASR Grenadier Fix*
    by Robalo_AS
    This addon makes the AI able to use grenade launchers like the M203 and
    GP-25. Without this, they almost always shoot them a few meters too far.
    Simple config addon, no fancy scripting.
    Included pbo files:
  • ASR Disable Cursor Text*
    by Robalo [AS]
    Removes text from the in-game cursor to eliminate magic rangefinder and other
    information gathering when using the commanding (spacebar) key.
    This addon is best used with TCP's Laser Rangefinder.
    Included .pbo files:
  • Anti-tank Launcher vs. Infantry Fix*
    by Zipper5
    The AI since ArmA has always been inclined to use their rocket launchers at range rather than their rifles.
    Many fixes for this were made for ArmA, but none have been made, to my knowledge, for Arma 2.
    Therefore, I decided to make this simple addon. I saw a lot of people harping on about it in the OA thread,
    so hopefully this can put the whining to rest.
    Included .pbo files:
  • Ballistics*
    by Fincuan
    Brings you realistics ballistics for most small arms and some vehicle mounted weapons in Arma2.
    Based on NonWonderDog's excellent "NWD_Ballistics" for Arma1
    Included .pbo files:
  • Scopes*
    by Fincuan
    Replacement scopes for most infantryweapons in stock Arma2 and a few extra ones for addons. Working day and night reticles for those
    scopes which should have them. The change between day/night is automatic.
    Also re-zeroes most scoped and ironsighted weapons in the game to more realistic values.
    Basically silenced weapons are zeroed to 100 meters, assault rifles, snipers and machineguns to 300,
    heavy snipers and mounted machineguns to 500 meters. A few exceptions exist.
    Based on NonWonderDog's excellent "NWD_ScopeFix" from Arma1.
    Included .pbo files:
  • Muzzlevelocity*
    by Fincuan
    Brings you realistic muzzle velocities to all rifles. Barrel length does matter now.
    Included .pbo files:
  • BC6 Feelings*
    by bravo 6
    This changes the Leader command icons.
    Included .pbo files:
  • Driving AI fix*
    by Sakura_Chan
    It tweaks the AI driving variables to the point that vehicles are able to turn more accurately, with fewer back and forth motions.
    The bigger trucks had a ridiculous and unrealistic turn radius making them hit everything.
    This has been corrected. The AI can drive for what could be called a boring amount of time,
    without crashing or getting stuck on fences and streetlamps.
    Included files:
  • Dynamic Shouts*
    by SARMAT Studio
    Gives possibility to characters create different sounds in fight. Soliders will say when enemy shoot on them,
    they injured or killed , and kills enemy or simply saw under their legs grenade.
    Task of the mod is to fill mission reality and feeling of combat .Now you can hear ,
    what is going around you, what happens with your teammates or with enemy at the moment.
    - Adds 3 new modules, you can find them in Game Logic => Modules.
    - Shouts with the wounded character
    - Shouts when the character fires a grenade launcher or throws grenades
    - Shouts when a character dies
    - 9 voices for BLUFOR and OPFOR, and 3 voices for Resistance.
    The main feature - the character is superimposed on his own voice, now one and the same person will not cry in different voices.
    Usage in Game
    Adds 3 new modules, you can find them in Game Logic => Modules. Activation is easy-you need only put correct modul in mission it’s all!
    Every module corresponds to each side:
    SAR krik USA
    SAR krik Russia
    SAR krik Resistance
    Included .pbo files:
  • Fixed Range Nightvision*
    by sholio
    The default high dynamic range while using nightvision in the game is somewhat faulty.
    Most of the time you can use it fine, but in some cases it becomes almost unusable.
    A light source in view makes the entire screen black or draws a contrast that makes gameplay impossible.
    This addon allows disabling the stock hdr engine in nightvision and allows manual adjustment of NVG exposure.
You can configure the addon to your preferences at
arma2 installation folder>\dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp
So essentially this is a port of my [page=http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2989]addon for arma1[/page].
Differences to A1 version:
  • It is now disabled by default - A2 HDR is greatly improved from A1, but still has some issues, so this addon needed to be made.
  • Much cleaner code.
  • Uses A2's new displayEventHandlers, so key conflicts should be gone.
  • Put key assignments and default setting in the file \dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp, so those who don't like the defaults can change it
    Included files:
  • GDT Mod Binocular*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the compass display and zoom for Binocular and Laser Designator.

This Addon is client side only.
Included files:

  • GDT Mod Car MG Zoom*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the weapon sight for this Vehicles:
    - HMMWV M2
    - HMMWV Armored
    - HMMWV MK19
    - Vodnik
    - Offroad DSHKM
    - Pickup PK
    - UAZ MG
    - Ural ZU-23
    - BRDM2
    - Weapon sight has maximum zoom as default.
    - Zoom out reduced.
    This Addon is client side only.
    Included .pbo files:
  • GDT Mod Flares*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon adds countermeasure flares to all planes and helicopters.
    For full multiplayer functionality this addon must be installed on gunner and target side.
    If not so it is just not fully operative.
    - The probability to deflect a missile depends on the number of flares and the direction related to the target.
    - On aircrafts with a gunner the gunner (Crew chief on a helicopter with multiple gunners) has the weapon.
    - As client on a server: To use the countermeasure flares without a gunner you need to get in as gunner (Crew chief on a helicopter with multiple gunners) first.
    - The key to switch to the weapon "Countermeasure" does not work with addons which are using the old displaySetEventHandler command. It also does not work with the Editor Modules "Construction Interface" (Used by missions such as Superpowers) and "High Command" witch are using the displaySetEventHandler command as well.
    - The AI has unlimited quantity of flares, and fires additionally at intervals.

In Game:
You will get an acoustic warning signal for incoming missiles.
[CTRL-L]: Switch to the weapon "Countermeasure" (Switchs also to manual fire on aircrafts with a gunner seat). Press FIRE to fire the flares.
Included .pbo files:

  • GDT Mod Javelin*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the use of the Javelin weapon.
    - Auto lock on on vehicles deaktivated. There are two fire modes for the Javelin missile:
    1. Top attack mode: With manual lock on the missile will follow a high altitude flight path and attacks the target on the top.
    2. Direct attack mode: Without lock on the missile is manual guided on a direct flight path.
    This Addon is client side only.
    This Addon can also be installed on a dedicated server. In this case the servers AI fires the Javelin in top attack mode.
    Missile smoke (class Missile4) reduced.
    Included files:
  • GDT Mod Plants*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the plants.

    - Downscaled textures.
    - Several of the first LODs removed.
    - More FPS and less GPU memory usage.
    - Grass does not change distance-related.

Some textures and models are greatly reduced, some are slightly reduced, and
some are not reduced. Every single textures and model was modified separately.
Included files:

  • GDT Mod Rifle zoom*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the zoom for all weapons without telescopic sight.
    - Weapon sight has maximum zoom as default.
    - Zoom out reduced.
    This Addon is client side only.
    Included .pbo files:
  • GDT Mod Satchel*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon enables you to attach Satchels to Vehicles, and throw satchels a few meters.
    This Addon is client side only.
    - If you can't attach a satchel to a vehicle you have to reveal the vehicle first (default: right mouse button).
    - If you throw a satchel in multiplayer other players do not see your satchel moving.
    Included .pbo files:
  • GDT Mod Under-slung Grenade Launcher sights*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon gives you functional sights for Under-slung Grenade Launcher.
    All sights are calibrated from 50 to 300 meters.
    This Addon is client side only.
    Included .pbo files:
  • GDT Mod Grass*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon changes the grass on Chernarus and Utes.
    This Addon is client side only.
    Included files:
  • GDT Mod anti tank & grenade launcher ironsights*
    by HeinBloed
    This Addon gives you functional ironsights for M136 and RPG-7. The grenade trajectory is unchanged.
    All ironsights are calibrated at 300 meters.

This Addon is client side only.

Included .pbo files:

  • Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills*
    by Mysteryman5150
    This mod allows the user to adjust several specific AI variables that effect the stealth movement and recognition skills of the game.

It comes with a file an HPP file that goes into the userconfig folder, which is where the adjustments are made (instructions are located in the file).

Attributes that can be adjusted:
- Audible - How load a unit is when moving
- Camouflage - How easy a unit is to see
- Sensitivity - How well and how far the given unit senses other units
- SensitivityEar - How well can the given unit hear others units
- Units defined:
- All vanilla factions/units - Then broken down into 3 categories each (if required)
- Categories include:
- Basic Infantry units
- Snipers, spotters, marksmen, scouts and units with silenced weapons
- Launchers including AT, AA and RPG units
Included .pbo files:

  • Mi-24 "radar" and targeting fix*
    by Ricnunes
    The objective of this fix is to solve a problem related to the Mi-24 (all Russian and CDF variants) in which it wasn't possible to detect in the Mi-24 "radar" and lock targets at distances longer than 700-800 meters.

This is IMO a bug because:
1- In real life the Mi-24 can detects targets longer than 800 meters using it's optical sensors (even if they are outdated)
2- In ArmA2 a Mi-8 or Mi-17 can detect targets either by lock or either by it's "radar" kilometers away, much longer than the Mi-24. This is a but odd since the Mi-8 or Mi-17 don't even have optical targetting systems like the Mi-24 do.
With this fix, the Mi-24 (all Russian and CDF variants) will detect and lock targets at the same range as the Mi-8 or Mi-17 which oddly detects and lock targets at the same range as a Ka-52 for example in ArmA2.
The objective of this fix is to address the odd situation where a Mi-24 detects and lock targets at much shorter ranges than a Mi-8 or Mi-17 in ArmA2, giving better realism to the Mi-24 in ArmA2 and improving its fighting ability within the game.
Included .pbo files:

  • PROPER Projects*
    by kju * AddTankMovementOrderDirectionMarkers_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * AdditionalGameTypes_MP_C_PROPER.pbo * BiggerChatText_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * BuildingsOnlyUtes_World_C_PROPER.pbo * ComplexCommandControlViaNumBlockAndStandardNumbers_Controls_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableA2StockMPMissions_Server_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableAirLockForVikhr_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableBallisticsComputer_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableBasicConversationsForAnyUnit_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableBasicConversations_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableCenterHandIcon_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableCloseUpDetailTexture_Chernarus_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableCloseUpDetailTexture_Utes_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableForcedOpticsForBinocular_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableMainMenuIntrosUtesChernarus_SpeedUp_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gameplay.pbo * DisableOnDamageSoundForPlanes_Sound_C_Gameplay.pbo * DisableOnDamageSoundForTanks_Sound_C_Gameplay.pbo * DisablePPEffectsForVehicles_Performance_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePPEffectsForWeapons_Performance_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePeripheralVisionBloodTexture_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePeripheralVisionCueTexture_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePeripheralVisionEnemy_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePeripheralVisionFriendly_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisablePeripheralVisionNeutral_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableSavingAltogether_Dev_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableSecondaryExplosionEffectOfVehicles_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableStartEngineOnTurretMovementForTanks_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableTalkTopics_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DisableVehicleBurningEffect_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * DisabledRocketSmoke_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DoubleGetInRadius_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * DoubleSupplyRadius_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * EasyFly_Planes_by_Celery_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableHDRInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableInfiniteTerrainForUtes_Worlds_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableShadingDetailInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableTurnOutForM1A2Driver_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableTurnOutForT72Driver_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * EnableZoomForBinocularAndLaserdesignator_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * FasterHandGrenadeThrowAnimation_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * FasterStepOverAnimation_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * HideRadarTacticalDisplay_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * HideSpeedAltitudeArmorFuelFromVehiclesGUI_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * HighCommandControlViaNumBlockAndStandardNumbers_Controls_C_PROPER.pbo * ImproveCompassSize_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * ImprovedExtCameraPositionForTanks_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * ImprovedFilterServersDialogLayout_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * JavelinTweak_by_McHide_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * KeepCommanderViewOnTarget_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus_Controls_C_PROPER.pbo * LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoreWideChatInputDialog_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoveActionIconTextPositionToActionMenu_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoveCarAndAirWeaponMenuToTopLeft_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoveInfantryWeaponMenuToTopLeft_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoveTankDirectionMenuToTopRight_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * MoveTankWeaponMenuToTopLeft_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * OFPLookForCompassBar_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * OFPMarkers_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * OFPTreeHit_Sound_C_PROPER.pbo * ReplaceTankDirectionLook_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * RoadsVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * SimpleCommandControlViaNumBlock_Controls_C_PROPER.pbo * StaticsVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TenChatRows_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TenItemsShownInActionMenu_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TerrainOnlyUtes_World_C_PROPER.pbo * ToughChopperRotor_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * TreesVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedBMP3AndT90Rocket_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedCarAndAirHeadingBarsPosition_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedDebriefing_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_insideSoundCoef_Sound_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_obstructSounds_Sound_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_occludeSounds_Sound_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedTankHeadingBarsPosition_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo * TweakedVehicleCursors_Gameplay_C_PROPER.pbo * UnlimitedTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesToAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_PROPER.pbo * VehiclesVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_PROPER.pbo
  • Radio Discipline*
    by Lamandus
    I was tired of all the "moving", "covering", "Go I cover" messages all over the radio. Thats why I got rid of the messages and changed "target THAT" to "target" and "engage THAT" to "attack" (engage solo was not avaibable) ("contact" got out as well, like "clear")

2 versions: Normal= like told above
extrem= no "Target" Messages
Included .pbo files:

  • TBR Grenades A2*
    by thebarricade
    Modifies grenades and grenade-launchers in ArmA2 to increase carrying capacity.

40mm grenades are now coming in 3-packs (that only takes up 1 ammo-slot). Maximum carrying capacity of 8x3 = 24 grenades.
30mm grenades comes in 5-packs, but these takes two slots. Maximum carrying capacity of 4x5 = 20 grenades.

Grenades will auto-reload within a pack, since the game treats a pack as a magazine, but reload time is set to 3 seconds. Normal reload must be performed between packs.

Sound has been added to the reload animation (this is untested in MP, so it might sound strange).

Handgrenades (and smokegrenades) come in 2-packs (occupying one slot).

All weapons that use the M203Muzzle or GP25Muzzle are (or should be) automatically compatible.
- 2-packs for handgrenades

- 2-packs for smokegrenades

- 3-packs for 40 mm grenades
- 5-packs for 30 mm grenades
- animated reload between rounds (not when the currently used pack is empty)
- this addon requires CBA (http://dev-heaven.net/projects/show/cca)
- out-of-the-box configured for ArmA2 standard GL's and (some of) RobertHammers GLs

- Fix for troops using AK-style grenade-launchers (they were carrying huge amounts of grenades).
- Completely optional if you want to have a challange.
Included .pbo files:

  • VF Ladder*
    by VictorFarbau
    When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb onto rooftops and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses (e.g. balcony) or just to annoy your buddies. It is kind of a silly addon but it opened new perspectives on urban combat for me. There is just too many locked buildings around. Check out the Youtube link to get an idea about this addon.
    Ladders can be:
    • Created (small and big type available)
    • Moved around until dropped by the player
    • Raised or lowered by 50cm at any time after being placed
    • Removed within 60 seconds after placing them
    • Flipped by 180 degrees to allow positioning as required
      Included .pbo files:
  • Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular*
    by Protegimus
    This mod improves the ability of AI soldiers in a number of key areas:
    - Improves AI's ability to spot and engage enemy, extending engagement ranges
    out to 500m and beyond
    - Changes the speed at which an AI can get a bead on a target
    - The AI now reacts to effective enemy fire, before taking casualties
    - Accuracy is changed to ensure sustained firefights take place, allowing
    movement under contact with good use of cover. Ammunition dispersion and
    weapon accuracy are not changed
    - AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!
    - AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make
    stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen
    - Vehicle gunners now react to enemy fire
    - Building on the native game feature, AI characters have varying ability to
    spot enemy according to role. This is to represent equipment and training
    variation, e.g. Observers, Snipers and Officers with Binoculars have greater
    ability to detect enemy
    - Sniper teams that make effective use of tactics, cover & concealment can now
    carry out their mission, especially at extended engagement ranges
    - Careful movement and correct use of formation is now an important factor in
    improving a soldiers survivability, as are planned ingress and egress routes
    - AI react more aggressively under contact and don't give up as easily
    - Injuries occur more frequently in firefights. Good drills and wise medics are
    now an essential part of the game

It is fully tested in single and multiplayer and causes no known issues.
For coop multiplayer, it is recommended to be installed both on the server and
If the server is running the mod and you choose not to install it client side,
then any AI you command will be at a disadvantage compared to the server
controlled AI.

It has greatly increased the immersion and challenge of coop play for Zeus,
hope you enjoy it!
Included .pbo files:

  • Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI)*
    by Wolfrug and Sickboy
    It gives your and the enemies AI a voice beyond the stale radio messages
  • Ready made scripts for Dynamic Sound AI that is easily modifiable by the end-user.
  • Your AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading, throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! And much more.
  • Works in both SP, client-side MP and server-side MP
  • Features English, Arab, Russian and Spanish voices by default
  • Can assign voices to all sides (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, SideEnemy)
  • Easily activated/deactived by mission makers, addon makers or server admins as required, using global variables and config entries (see below for more information)
  • Auto-initialization using CBA (fully CBA compatible)
    Included .pbo files:
  • TRSM Tracked Vehicles Sound mod*
    by TangoRomeo
    Audio Replacement for Tracked Vehicles with emphasis on realism.

Tested with:

GE DVD Release of Armed Assault 2 V. 1.02
Vista 32
X-FI Music
Mordaunt Short MS 902 Bookshelf Speakers
Sony MDR-V700 Headphones
Contains low frequency samples - some speakers/ headphones may not be able to reproduce the frequency spectrum.
Included files:
  • BD MultiGunFix (v 1.4)*
    By Big Dawg KS
    Description :
    This addon contains a few simple scripts that fix the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.

This addon enhances the following vehicles:
Mi24 (all factions & varients)
ZU23 (all factions)
Shilka (all factions)
Ural ZU23 (all factions)
BRDM ATGM (all factions)
Avenger HMMWV
BM21 GRAD (all factions)
Igla AA Pod
Stinger AA Pod
Ka52 (both varients)
Su25 (all factions & varients)

All gun barrels, rocket and missile launchers are correctly simulated for these vehicles.
This addon contains only scripts, no config changes to vehicles or weapons.
Included pbo files :

  • AT GUI Pack (v 1.3)*
    Author : Scruffy
    Description :
    Here is version 1.3 of my GUI pack, now including:
  • at_gui_chat
    Moves chat window from behind the text below it and no longer changes size, updated because of patch 1.02.
  • at_gui_compass
    Increases the size of the compass, now also on the map screen. For everyone with gui size ingame set to very small.
  • at_gui_cursor
    Removes most weapon cursors, so you can play without them even if the server has them activated.
  • at_gui_fov_aim
    Changes aimed FOV to standard FOV, so no more zoom when getting sights up.
  • at_gui_fov_vehicle
    Changes FOV in cars, less zoom now.
  • at_gui_peripheral
    Removes the blob friend/enemy markers and the ones on the edge of the screen so you can play on a server that has them activated without your screen blinking like a christmas tree.
    Included pbo files : * at_gui_chat.pbo * at_gui_compass.pbo * at_gui_cursor.pbo * at_gui_fov_aim.pbo * at_gui_fov_vehicle.pbo * at_gui_peripheral.pbo
  • Non-blinding sun mod*
    by Sakura_Chan
    This mod changes the lighting of the sun and vehicle to non blinding.

Included files:

  • GLT Aerial Weapons Replacement Pack*
    by Myke
    The following models are replaced:
    - AGM-65
    - AGM-114
    - AIM-9M (replaces AIM-9X model)
    - R-73
    - FAB-250
    - GBU12
    - Mk82
    Also it splits up the Kh-29 into:
    - Kh-29L laserguided
    - Kh-29T IRguided

for compatibility, the original Kh-29 ammo class remains untouched so scripts referring to those will still work.
According to this, the following planes will have adjusted loadout:

Kh-29 switched to laserguided versions.
Has 4 Kh-29L and 2 Kh-29T
Included .pbo files:
  • Night lighting effects*
    by Sakura_Chan
    This addon was created to enhance the night lighting effects of Arma2.
    - Dim and yellow military style headlights for vehicles
    - fixed missing green blinking light on Osprey
    - new colors and sizes for aircraft positional lights
    - removed ugly lighting on aircraft, lights were really bugged and didn't add anything so I removed them
    - new light cones for streetlamps
    - new light cones for directional lights (headlights)
    - reduced effect and range of searchlight
    - increased campfire/burning barrel/fireplace smoke and fire effects
    - reduced campfire/burning barrel/fireplace light brightness and changed color to a soft orange
    Included .pbo files:
  • LandTex*
    by zyco (alias Picolly)
    For me, the Arma2 ground textures have a rather ‘pixely’ look which makes them seem a rather unrealistic. Therefore I took the liberty of tweaking them so that they look more organic. While I was at it I also corrected the coast line.
    This is all thanks to the market crisis, because its the reason why I have the Time for a stupid Project like this.


1. It makes the Landscape textures more organic
2. Coast lines have now more sandy beaches
3. It sets the correct land texture for islands that have only the seafloor texture
Included pbo files:
  • JTD FireAndSmoke*
    by JTD
    JTD_FireAndSmoke is an effects addon that adds bigger, better and more useful smoke than the default ingame smoke. The ingame smoke is unaffected, this addon "layers" effects over the top. It's MP compliant, looks great, and is AI viewblock by default. Destroyed vehicles will send up huge plumes of smoke visible from miles away and last a long time, very useful for a sense of battlefield presence and history. Additional to this there is a propagating fire functionality that will set forests, buildings and vehicles on fire dependent on proximity, wind, and rain.
    Included .pbo files:
  • WarFX Particles*
    by OpticalSnare
    Particles and Lighting Effects MOD
    Changes are alot, so I'll just list the ones that pop into my head:

    - Increased dust effects for all bullet hitimpacts
    - Added bigger bullet impact dust effects
    - Added sparks and embers
    - Added ammo sparks explosion
    - Increased dust on bombs and artillery impacts

Included .pbo files:

  • WarFX Tracers*
    by OpticalSnare

Changes the tracers to something else and changes config stuff.

Included .pbo files:

  • Dynamic Sound System RC1*
    by Hungarian Arma Community Projects Team
    Hungarian Arma Community Projects [HARCP] Team is pleased to announce you the release of the Dynamic Sound System v1.0.0 RC (Release Candidate) for Arma 2. Sadly, a few things didnt turn out as we planned, but at least we made it...

Without going into technical details, I can say that the system relies on pre-defined echo locations on islands. This means that we have to make the islands "echo map" first, to make it work support on an island. Currently it only supports Utes and Chernarus, but we'll add support for more islands in the future. You can place echo zones manually in your mission too, but then it will require the Mod to play.

Included .pbo files:
Files to overrule AceSM:

  • AircraftHUD - MFD/IHADSS/TADS*
    by Dr Eyeball
    An AH-64D systems addon, which includes: IHADSS, MFD & TADS system.


MFD (Multi-function Display)
TADS (Target Acquisition and Designation System)
DTV (Daytime TV)
PNVS (Pilot Night Vision System)
IHADSS (Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System)
IHADSS Monocle with HMD
IHADSS HUD/TADS Symbology and Indicators (pilot and/or CPG)
IHADSS Warnings System - missiles and collision detection
Pilot PNVS Tracking Camera (with 4 tracking modes)
PNVS Laser Target Designator
PNVS Tracking Cursors
Radar Displays (both RWD Radar Warning Display and Forward Radar)
FLIR/NV Config menu
Flares Countermeasures

Included .pbo files:

  • RMM_noMapTex*
    by Rommel
    Removes the annoying satellite textures 'attached' with the original maps in ArmA2.
    I saw the Map Plus addon that was released by NouberNou, but couldn't stand the new colours nor the added features, so I went for something simpler and just removed the satellite textures from the map instead.
    I must give some credit to NouberNou, especially for the initiative and idea, but it is only one line of code; and thus I don't expect much credit for this either.
    Enjoy, it removes personally one of the worst features in [default] ArmA2.

Included .pbo files:

  • AH64 Apache Nose Gun Modification*
    by ANZACSAS Steve
    I have made a small addon that modifies the configuration of the AH64 Apache's nose mounted Gun, the M230 Cannon.

The modification to the config of the weapon changes the standard fire mode of the weapon from just one full auto mode to being able to select between two modes that are preset at 10 and 20 rnd bursts as seen in the HWMod Apache's M230 Cannon in AA1 and is most often used in real life.

This Addon should be compatible with sound mods and should not cause problems in Multiplayer.
Included .pbo files:

  • zGuba Gameplay Modifications (v 21.09.2009)*
    Author : zGuba

Description :
zGuba's Gameplay Modifications for ARMA2
The pack contains addons changing gameplay logics or adding special effects.
Does no harm to remote machines, so don't worry about using it on servers.
Contents of the pack
- zgb_stick2gether (Stick 2gether)
Makes AI stay in formations when overwhelmed.
Based on Mr Centipede's addon.

- zgb_gunners (Triggerhappy Gunners)
Makes AI gunners under player's command actually shoot at something without asking them for.
Additionally makes it possible to reload ammo belt manually in mounted weapons like M2 and Mk 19.

- zgb_stick2gether (Stick 2gether)
Makes AI stay in formations when overwhelmed.
Based on Mr Centipede's addon. Thank You!
Requires CBA.

- zgb_silviefix (Silvie Fix)
Makes cars spawned by SILVIE module randomly fueled and damaged.

- zgb_stabilization (Anti-Breakdance Vaccine)
Limits or disables stabilization on main turrets of certain vehicles to prevent "tank breakdance".
Additionally tweaks rotation speed values for T-72 and T-90 to meet their real possibilities.
Limited stabilization (vertical only): T-72, T-90
Disabled stabilization: BMP-2, BMP-3, BTR-90

- zgb_vapourtrails (Vapour Trails)
Adds vapour trails to aircrafts, just like Cole's addon.
Thanks to Cole for finding the script in game's files out!
Requires CBA. =============================================================== ===============================================================