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Hello there. I would like to ask if VME will become ACE compatible. There are many advantages of becoming ACE compatible and I will list a few below. Whether you decide to become ACE compatibile or not I still wish you luck on your VME PLA project :)

ACE features that will benifit VME:
ACE has much more than a few new units, weapons and vehicles. It has AI improvementss, a better damage and wounding system, a great Join-In-Progress system(JIP), lots more fun features that makes the game more enjoyable for the rest of the community. Therefore a mod that is compatable with ACE and its features will be more likely to become popular and used by more people.
ACE also has great G-Force effects with pilots, great helicopter features like missle guidance, countermeasures and auto-rotation and the armor damage system is very, very good. The armor damage system replaces the default hitpoint system with a new system that checks the type of ammo, the type of armor it is trying to penetrate, the position on the vehicle the round has struck (front has more armor than back and sides usually) and it also modells crew damage, vehicle fires, mobility kills (tank tracks destroyed), firepower kills (guns and weapons offline and fuel leaks. Together with the great targeting system ACE brings to the tanks (according to real life data) tank battles in arma are now fun and realistic. This would greatly improve VME mod and make it lots more fun.
ACE has its own wounding system as well, and they also have real life trajectories of different ammunition, unlike default BIS arma which features incorrect trajectories and bullet flight speeds. ACE flight speed is more than just correct muzzle velocity, but correct speeds throughout its entire flight. When it comes to ACE wounds, I would like to inform you that my team and I are working with an ACE developer who does ACE wounds. We are getting real life informationon not just different wounding effects of different ammunition, but penetration values against differnt types of body armor. Modern body armor is strong enough to stop most standard ball ammunition (5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm and 5.8x42mm) but most armor is made of ceramic material that will shatter after taking a small amount of rounds. Also armor piercing ammunition and hollow point ammo is being worked on and their correct wounding capabilities before and after (assuming it penetrates the armor). VME will not only bring different units with different body armor (in default arma they will have default health values, but in ACe they will have different health values depending on their body armor) but also different ammunition (namely the 5.8x42mm DPB87 and DPB88 heavy bullets) and this could be very advantageous for VME and the ACE comunity because like I said my team and I are working on a project to improve ACE's wounding and body armor system and if a high qualiy chinese addon is brought to ACE we can do some more work and get everything working well, so this would not mean extra work for you.
So a quick re-cap of becoming ACE compatable:
1. More populatrity/ users
2. More features
3. Better vehicle warfare
4. Better wounding system
5. More possibilities
6. You will have ACE devs helping you with config to make easier and once VME becomes part of ACE it will have good support and will be worked on by other ACE devs to make life easier for you.

I would like to wish you the best of luck with your project either way, but if you do decide to make VME ACE compatible I look forward to working with your addon and making arma more realistic. :)

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RE: ACE compatibility - Added by BushTucka over 6 years ago

I would like to say on the topic of an improved health and armor simulation system that my team is working on that we can very easilly put time towards finding information on chinese ammunition and if possible body armor. We enjoy doing this research and are willing work on chinese rifle ammo (5.8x42mm) once VME is released to make standard infantry combat fun and realistic for VME units from the first release.
Ammunition you may like to include:
Ball ammo (5.8x42mm DPB87)
'Heavy ammo' (Armor Piercing) (Improved penetration ammunition used in the QBB-95 and QJY-88 machine guns.)(5.8x42mm DPB88 'heavy ammo')