Gamemode change : attack - defense

Added by Whisper over 7 years ago

After some discussion with Kju lately :
[23/10/2009 16:41:40] kju: gday Whis
[23/10/2009 16:41:45] kju: some thoughts on CTB
[23/10/2009 16:41:53] kju: how about making it ET like A&D
[23/10/2009 16:42:16] kju: like one team has to take all zones one after another;
to the other to stop or delay that as long as possible
[23/10/2009 16:42:57] kju: it would open a lot of technical and tactical possibilities
and offer different gameplay to stand out even more
[23/10/2009 16:43:51] whisperofp: lo
[23/10/2009 16:49:07] whisperofp: I was thinking a lot about this... Not enough fre time lately for that unfortunately, but that's definitely a good idea
[23/10/2009 16:49:32] whisperofp: basically, a staged Attack/Defense scenario
[23/10/2009 16:49:51] whisperofp: ET:ArmA2
[23/10/2009 16:50:11] whisperofp: 30 minutes, destroy the AAA defenses
[23/10/2009 16:50:16] whisperofp: etc... :)
[23/10/2009 16:51:25] whisperofp: all the things done in CTB can be adapted to that
[23/10/2009 16:53:50] kju: yup. and you could start small.
[23/10/2009 16:54:27] whisperofp: you, you have an idea :)
[23/10/2009 16:54:44] kju: just disable flag taking for one side, and make zone control respectively

So the idea is to have one attacking team and one defending team.
The defending team starts with all the bases but 2 : the main attacker one, and the neutral.

The attacker take zones in the same fashion as currently. Once it gets control of one zone, it goes attacking the next one. The defender cannot retake lost zones.
There is a timelimit for the game. Attacker must capture the defender's last base before the time limit is reached to win the map.

No more going back and forth, and the gameplay leans toward what can be seen in Ennemy Territory serie games.

Thoughts? Like/dislike? Suggestion of improvement for the concept?

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