Hello folks

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone here and to mention a few ideas I have for Macs PvP project. Some of the ideas are implemented in other game types,
but the team based concept I mention here I haven't seen yet. If its probable I think it would make for a great addition to the PvP mod. These were also posted on the WIKI under ReWerk.

1. A GUI interface which will allow the following controls at the start of a match and after a death occurs.¶

- equipment selection
- sub-menus for weapon classes example (m4a1 family - then variants, sniper rifles - then variants, g36 family - then variants.....ect) this of course would follow with its ammo options.
- spawn selection at capture points (This would be for ground level spawns, para drops and halo jumping)
- should display a map
- should allow you to make a Squad for a small team of up to 10 players. The team should be easily track by names being displayed in game and on the map for team coordination.
- teams should be distinct via colour to separate non-team members.

2. In game mini map at bottom right corner that allows for tracking of your team.¶

3. Mobil HQ*¶

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Hey mate, sorry it's taken me some time to get back to you. Been a bit busy on V3.00 :-)