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Added by blackdog almost 8 years ago

paradrop marker - can it be made so that the aircraft is oriented the same way that the marker is? the c130 currently spawns at 0 degrees regardless of the marker's angle. also consider making the aircraft a v22 or something smaller to save on space in the spawn area. also, when parachuting, i think that the player spawns a little too high - really super vulnerable to machine gun fire. consider making him start a little lower, or make it configurable (probably easier to just make him start lower though...) -- other than that this is awesome, i like it because you don't have to even select anything in the action menu like paradrop scripts i've used before.. update 7/27 seems like only one of these markers can be created - would like to put one in each spawn

intro options - where did the intro options go in the ctfConfig.sqf file?

c&h - i like the way you have flags and objective areas -- good idea -- however, the objective areas are relatively unmarked. can you put a flag in the middle of them with the current owner's flag on the pole? also, when areas are captured, it would be nice if the score/timeleft dialog box came up in the corner (it looks great, by the way). also need to have a map marker that says what flags are what when using objective areas. but otherwise nice so far.

- more to come, just didn't want to lose what i've written so far -

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RE: v1.12 Comments/Suggestions - Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

Thanks for the comments. I just realised that the paradrop stuff is a bitbroken - it creates a vehicle for every player! You're absoltely right that it should orient the aircraft in the direction of the marker and I'll make the object itself configurable as you suggest. Ditto parachute height. You should be able to create multiple markers though - if not. there's a bug that needs tracking down.

intro options - they now all default to sensible values so you can leave the config file empty unless you want to override the default behaviour.

c&H - ha, the area objectives were in response to a request from someone who wanted to be able to capture areas/buildings where I thought a flag was inappropriate! ;-) (In fact, flag objectives are exactly the same as area objectives except that their area is only 3x3m and they do have a flag to relect status.) However, you have a good point and it would be worth trying to figureout an exhaustive list of objectives at some point. The ones I can think of so far are listed at


As you can see, one of the complications is being able to support these types without making the selection of them a complete nightmare. IF BIS ever support the 'markers' command it will be possible to encode the type of the objective in the markername - eg flag_Factory, destroy_ammoDump etc but at the moment I'm limited to searching for markers with a fixed prefix and digits at the end. Ideas welcome as always...

also need to have a map marker that says what flags are what when using objective areas

Ah - I think you mean that the areas are unlabelled- hadn't spotted that! I wonder if I should just replace area objectives with FlagArea objectives for the moment - that would make things a bit clearer.

RE: v1.12 Comments/Suggestions - Added by blackdog almost 8 years ago

One other thing. I was trying to ESC>Respawn and it kept reviving me and saying "unauthorized" or something like that at one point. And I had a friend who flew into my base spawn protection area in an aircraft, and he just kept dying and respawning in the same place over and over I think until he hit the ground. Maybe this bug has something to do with the player not being on the ground or... ?

Don't see any other huge problems at the moment but hopefully we will play my map tonight on a server with people on it so we'll see how that goes.


RE: v1.12 Comments/Suggestions - Added by sbsmac almost 8 years ago

V1.13 has just been released. I fixed it so you can overfly the enemy's spawn protection zone although obviously if you shoot at someone in there you'll get killed.