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The scoring system is only about 50% done (i.e. only covers about 50% of tasks, but most major ones are done). It's simple to implement but quite complicated to balance and visualise.

New teamwork scoring system. Gone are the days where you are measured by your "number of kills".
The usual 'kills/deaths' scoring has been replaced with a 'teamwork' scoring system. The purpose of this is simply to roughly gauge how effective you are as a team player.

  • ROE scoring: Utilise ROE scoring concepts from America's Army. Mainly applies to team kills and team assets damage. Helps identify and control amateur players.
  • Scoreboard idea: add a "resources used" column to indicate how wasteful a player is. Eg: losing 6 helicopters with 2 kills won't look good.
  • Statistics idea: track all player stats and show the breakdown of each column's score value at the end. Compare to other players. Identify strengths.

Total Points vs Final Held:
Something which is not so obvious is the difference between the 2 game modes: Total Points vs Final Held.

Total Points mode:
All tickets lost during the match determines the outcome.
It is a time critical mode, so it's more frantic and taking risks is a benefit. It works well for longer duration missions (eg: 2 hours) to provide a better average and reduce the rush.

Final Held mode:
Only the final state of held zones determines the winner.
It's probably the preferred mode for much shorter duration missions (eg: 45-60 minutes).
For long duration missions, it allows for a slower paced, more planned attack, since the risk of losing ground is now a factor and the final moments could determine the outcome.

Team (side) tickets:

Tickets often start at around 1000 points. When a team's tickets reach zero, that side has lost.
Tickets are deducted when the opposition holds any zones.
The game mode will apply deductions for penalties for lost assets, objectives, etc and resource usage. You will generally never gain tickets.

Currently this system is limited to points related to holding zones. Many more cases need to be added.

Along with the usual kills/deaths and vehicle destruction, there are also many teamwork related points.

Game points:
Points are awarded for capturing zones:
  • 2 for outer zone
  • 3 for inner zone
  • destroy enemy FOB or MRV

Points for killing:
Points are awarded for infantry kills, plus enemy vehicle destruction which increases for more powerful vehicles.

Penalty points:
Points are deducted for:
  • team kills,
  • destroying friendly vehicles, FOB, MRV or assets

Logistical bonus points:
Quite often, these players never fire any shots and appear to be doing nothing on scoreboard.

There are several logistical bonuses for:
  • airlifting,
  • transporting players,
  • travelling in groups &
  • deploying FOB - all nearby players.
  • Currently 1 point per 1 km for airlifting and 1 point per 2 km for transport.
  • No benefits for transporting AI and no benefits for travelling alone (except for airlifting).
  • Distance is measured point to point, not distance travelled.
  • There is no FOB deployment bonus if you are not near the FOB once it is completed construction.

Reference: America's Army Scoring:

AA Scoring topic

  • Score = Your total points so far in the match
  • Goals = Points gained by doing objective(s), winning a round, healing others if a medic, staying alive
  • Leader = Points gained by being in a leader role (team or squad) - the more of your team that stays alive the more points you receive. If you or your team dies you can receive negative points
  • Enemy = Points for killing the enemy (10 points in multiplayer maps, 1 point in coop maps)
  • KIA = Times you've died x10, e.g. you die 3 times, score will be -30
  • ROE = Negative points for shooting or killing teammates or AI civilains. You will receive an additional major ROE penalty for shooting/killing teammates at the very beginning of a new round

Reference: Summary of PR scoring:

PR Scoring topic

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