Commander Mode - requirements

Added by Dr_Eyeball almost 8 years ago

I'd like to discuss the requirements for a commander mode. If implemented, it would be a few weeks away or more.

Is it required? Maybe for larger missions (40+ players)
Many of these requirements can be simulated by an artificial commander too.
Is it sustainable on a public server?
Is the new High Command module suitable?

Commander Requirements:
  • Commander should require access to some sort of command station/console either in a vehicle or command tent
  • If commander task is complicated, consider subordinate commanders too (eg: coordinate all aircraft attacks, UAV monitoring station, artillery control)
  • Commander can either provide the overall coordination commands to all squads, or only to squads that request it (leaving decisions to them normally), or squads which are doubling up a task (eg: everyone going to delta, but no-one defending charlie)
  • Grants and denies requests: build orders, air strikes, artillery strikes
  • Dialog of command log with each squad
  • Informs about sightings
  • (Artificial?) area attacks every 30/60 minutes (to clear blockages) via artillery or mortar?
  • Comm's is performed directly with individual squads
  • The new commander VOIP and chat channel can now be used. Is this also used for SL chat?
  • introduce the UAV, especially for night missions with FLIR cam
  • supply drops
  • radar control?
  • general guidance markers: build FOB here, defend here, etc?
  • Votable/kickable commanders
  • Ability to request SITREP's
  • Ability to request availability for task
  • Any role in the field? (eg: operating from a FOB)
Squad Leader Requirements:
  • Ability to request orders
  • Ability to request strikes
  • Ability to accept/deny orders (eg: under fire)
  • Ability to indicate their current task (eg: Attack here) which is then visible to commander and maybe other SL's?

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RE: Commander Mode - requirements - Added by Salah almost 8 years ago

Hey eyeball,

extremely cool work so far. Here are some comments on Commanders:

General: Definitely required. Maybe less for public play, but absolutely for organized matches. Should be either a selectable slot from the start screen OR a vote system like in Warfare.

AI Commander? Probably. Maybe as a default if no ones wants the role.
Sustainable? Depends on the exact implementation. If there is a vote system, this should be fairly self-regulating. Combine this with Admin powers (when present) and it should not pose a big problem.

High Command module? Pretty nice, but lacking a few features. Dunno if it would be easier to make a complete new module or combine the BIS one with some custom scripts.

Access to Command Station? In principle yes. If you could scale the commanders abilities to the equipment he has available that would be cool. So, he has different abilities according to whether he has access to a regular field radio, an RTO with a backpack radio (within a 3 m radius?), is sitting in Commander slot of an MHQ vehicle, is sitting in Command Container of a big Main HQ.

Requests? should definitely be passed by the Commander for approval.

30/60 min area attacks? are not really realistic. Make it realistic delays, but with limited ammo. Also, player controlled arty would be nice. Spawn-in cruise missiles maybe. CAS should never be artificial, but always be player controlled.

VOIP comms with individual squads? If possible, yes please.

UAV? yes, if done realistic. Should not be controlled by Commander but by a dedicated controller. Info is then relayed somehow to the Commander Map screen, either automatically, by VOIP or through map markers (difficult for controller, if he has to open his map for every sighting)

Supply drops? hm, as with artificial area attacks, me not likey. Rather have enough Supply Trucks and maybe Choppers available.

Radar control? Dunno what you mean be control, but if a Main HQ has a radar, it should pick up aircraft.

Markers? Of course, the more the merrier.

Votable/kickable? Yes, absolutely needed in public play

SITREPS? How would that differ from the Commander asking a SL over VOIP about the situation?

Task availability? See above. Unless you can make it possible that the commander can add entries to the Mission section of the map screen and gets a message when a squad activates the mission.

Role in the field? Really depends on the size of the mission. A little 20 player scrim would not have a Main HQ or even an MHQ but just a platoon commander or something. Check above about restricting commander abilities according to his connectivity.

Yes to all.