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Taken from the Community project - script libary addon, 'database' and sharing of better coding thread.

By Vigilante

For a whole mod although a single big library will be great of course... but since there are so many mods each will cook up their own.

Or since ACE is already kind of 'brand' it could create a common library with weapon and other 'realismconcerned' values/functions for other mods .. kinda 'ACE inside' tag on the other mod or 'powered by ACE Realism Engine' or such .. So other mods can use the goodness of ACE in their mods ie WWII with proper ballistics and stamina, SpanishArmyMod or such all based on 'ACE Engine'. So modteams can focus more on creating nice models and texturing and animations than 'wasting' time with fighting Armaengine to do whats needed, all done by 'ACE Realism Engine' already...

I would like to have a general ballistics library though ... this will make weapons more consistent across all addons (could be part of 'ACE Engine' library).
pwBaLib (personal_Weapons) for small arms and anything below and including heavy machineguns
vwBaLib (vehicle_Weapons) for all weapons attached to vehicles like machinecannons or such
hwBaLib (heavy_Weapons) for all crewserved weapons which require different ballistics than aforementioned (including artillery and tanks)