Armed Assault campaign

Added by Herr_Kalashnikov almost 8 years ago

After I released the SP scenarios I was thinking to do next. As u already asked for someone to help converting the QG campaign, I thought I had a look and see how the campaigns work.

I tried the Armed Assault campaign.

The campaigns kinda works out of the box it starts but it has some problems with several missions. The 1st real mission had a incorrect definition of sounds array for example. That was fixed quite easy. Sounds doesn't work but after pointing to the correct subfolder it worked to.

Intros doesn't work perfectly had to modify some to make them more realistic but all in all that can be done quick and easy to.

The biggest issue I have is that most A1 units don't convert to well into A2. I'm not certain how oac_core converts them, so it's just basicly a puzzle to find a good counterpart or that all stock A1 units are allready in oac or caa for that matter. If it's the first i'll make a list of units i seem to have a problem with.

Also like mentioned in the issue tracker of caa1 there seems to be some serious pathing problems with wheeled vehicles on roads (esp in citys). This is a real immersion stopper because u have to sometimes litterly wait 5-10m till u get at the spot where u are dropped. Tried other formations, speeds and waypoints but it doens't seem to help at all. I hope the new BIS island tools can resolve it.

On missions where u have to select which next mission u wanna do u will get a error message like ..

Warning Message: Variable '_display' does not support serialization. Call 'disableSerialization' in the current script (maybe 'Campaigns\ca\missions\S02BeatenDog.Sara\strategyMapInit.sqf') if you need to use it.

Tried some things to remove it without any success. Don't have enough script experience to pinpoint the problem.

I think this is a pretty doable thing. And prob the most work will be defining the proper A2 units for A1 missions. BTW all this was tested on the git repository so should be latest build.

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RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju almost 8 years ago

gday Herr_Kalashnikov!

first of great info and thanks for sharing!

The best thing IMO would be to form a Skype group of interested people to
discuss problems and plans easily that way.

I started the QG campaign, as it good way better feedback than the A1 campaign.
However in the end it is up to the people what is of interest for em. :)

  • Sounds definition: Noticed that too and fixed it for QG and all OFP campaigns.
  • Intros: good to know. Got any more details what type of modification was needed.
  • Task/briefing: still didn't find the time to look into this in detail.
    Yet I am fairly certain that this part can be automated to a very large degree.
  • Unit/Class mapping: You can check the current mapping here: oac_core/BI/h/CfgVehicles.hpp.
    You can suggest different mappings. That said keep in mind infantry models are
    very hard to convert, vehicles and weapons are easy.
    So mainly we have to rely whats in CAA1 and in A2 for now.
  • Pathfinding problems: A2 tools seem to be out very soon. Hopefully we can fix this.
  • Scripting errors/any error you have no solutions: Report it in the issue tracker. :)

best regards

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov almost 8 years ago

Hey Kju,

Good to see u also starting on the campaigns. I would love to team up and assist u with it. As i'm quite new to online projects I think its wise for u to decide whats the best method for communicating. I have some programming experience with Delphi creating random tools but im certainly not a expert. Although most scripts and stuff are readable/understandable for me.

I also tried some QG editing already but postponed it after i saw that alot of units weren't replaced properly. As u described I'll have a look in the oac_core/BI/h/CfgVehicles.hpp file to see if it makes any sense.
Besides some missing vehicles (i understand u working hard to get them in) like the littlebirds / m113, it's mainly infantry units. Let's hope with the new BIS tools we can convert infantry properly as some unit's make the campaigns more realistic.

About the intros, It mainly is because most Armed Assualt intro missions use overlays which aren properly presented in A2. A simple bypass is to enable cinemaborder while that overlay is displayed and disable after it is removed, pretty easy stuff. Didn't check the QG intros so not sure there will be the same issue.

Kind regards,

Herr AK

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov almost 8 years ago

A little update..

I'm making decent progress on the A1 campaign. Basicly I think I can make a playable release in the upcoming 1 or 2 weeks. It will still have some problems but i think its best to have a release so people can play with it and solve the problems on the fly.

The issues i still have:

Pathfinding makes some missions impossible. I'll just leave it this way because i still hope that can be fixed with the new tools and insights. If it becomes clear that it isn't solvable I'll try to adjust the mission so it's bypassed.

Most missions saves global variables to give the next mission info about status of the campaign. Out of the box it doesn't seem to work. Probably have to rewrite those variables so it will work propely. I'm currentlty busy solving this because it makes or breaks the campaign.

Unit mappings are still abit off. Mostly its the loadouts which aren't the same and that can be hard to complete the mission. In the mindset of OAC i think its best to get proper mappings instead of adjusting the missions myself. I propose to make a list of all stock A1 infantry units and there correct weapons / magazines.

Also if other people reads this and they wanna help out in any form please don't hesitate. The more people who gets involved the faster and better it will be ;)

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju almost 8 years ago

How is your progress Herr AK?

I am interested to give it a play test once you think it is ready.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

Hey Kju,

I been away for awhile. Been busy RL and played some other games. About the campaign it is alrdy in a playable state but there is still alot of work to be done to polish it up.


- All missions work
- Radio sounds
- Mission selections


- Briefings
- unit/weapon mappings
- mission/ai testing
- cleaning up

I see the AI road problem are solved \0/ which was imho the biggest reason why i wouldnt want to post it yet, because its basicly unplayable.

It's a shame to so few people take interrest in this project. With a bit of combined help the campaign would be alrdy playable for months :)

If u wanna give it a shot to play test it sure, just tell me where to upload the file to. its aprox 80mb.


herr ak

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

wb back :)

I am in the process of uploading the fixed worlds to the CAA1 YAS server as well.
As written in Skype, there was one more guy eager to play-test the a1 campaign.

Try this page:

Send me a link and I will put up a mirror.
One without sound files and one with, and the registry check to avoid BI complain.

Actually a lot of people use CAA1 and make missions for it.
At the same time it is the natural way that the number of people interested to
tweak instead of creating new content is rather small.

I think it is certainly possible to get more people work on it by helping people
getting into it, get to know each other and form a team.
For me personally this is just a side project, so I will invest only the time
the other responsibilities permit.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

Ok here is a downloadlink

Campaign : see below
Class mapping :

It's basicly a alpha release (as in non public), all missions should be playable but there are still alot of thing to be done for a proper release.


- all missions are playable
- selection missions works with status
- intro scenes works and are finetuned to be displayed properly
- implemented kju's class mapping addon so it's easy to remap a1 units or loadouts


- briefings
- check all unit layouts (seen some strange loadouts)
- polish intro's soundlevels
- polish overlay scaling (a2 seems to make all overlays smaller then the actual screen)
- playtest alot (finetune triggers and stuff) :)


Unpack ca folder into arma2\campaigns
Unpack class mapping addon into arma2\x\oac\core\addons

Note if u want ofp class mappings just remove the replacement addon or make a seperate modfolder.

oac_a1_class_mapping.7z - A1 Class mapping replacement (2.8 kB)

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

Well done so far.

Played the first 3 missions with sidemissions.

A couple of errors from the rpt. Not sure if its worth to fix these:

1 String STRC_CX01 not found 2 String STRC_CA_01 not found 3 String STRC_CX02 not found 4 String STRC_CS02 not found 5 String STRC_CA_02 not found 6 String STRC_CX03 not found 7 String STRC_CS03 not found 8 String STRC_CX04 not found 9 String STRC_CS04 not found 10 String STRC_CA_04 not found 11 String STRC_CX05 not found 12 String STRC_CS05 not found 13 String STRC_CX06 not found 14 String STRC_CS06 not found 15 String STRC_CA_06 not found 16 String STRC_CS07 not found 17 String STRC_CA_07a not found 18 String STRC_CX08 not found 19 String STRC_CS08 not found 20 String STRC_CX09 not found 21 String STRC_CS09 not found 22 23 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 11> 24 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 12> 25 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 13> 26 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 21> 27 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 22> 28 Error in expression <Glob_Outcome == 23> 29 Error in expression <(glob_selectmission == _this)> 30 31 Error in expression <camera CameraEffect ["terminate","Back"]> 32 Error in expression <camDestroy camera>

I had two problems so far gameplay wise.

1) Mission two to destroy the tanks.
For some reason even after blowing up all vehicles, the WP was not completed.

2) Mission three to defend the counter attack.
In the 2nd phase of the mission you need to stop
a counter attack from the east at a small base.
The enemy has a BMP3 and 2 BTR there. Their GL make
those a very big challenge, unless you disable them as
player with AT.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

Good to hear they seem to work.

There are still loads of problem with proper triggers and gameplay balance like u noticed.
My plan is to work on these issues (in that order)

- creating new briefings
- playtesting the missions and see if they work properly
- checking for scripts error
- polish up intros and mission selections
- clean up

A downside i had a pc crash recently and swapped over to a fresh w7 install and don't have arma installed so playtesting can get abit hard :)

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

I can help with script errors.
Play-testing is possible to.

The mission intros worked fine here so far.

The notes/briefing was missing - at least when I checked.
We can try to automate that part.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Max255 over 7 years ago

For me it crashes right after intro, when i suposed to be in HMMWV in route to Corazol...
Got bunch of addons but without them it still crashes. I'll check rpt for errors...

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

Hm thats weird. A rpt would be helpful yes.

Do you use the latest CAA1/OAC version via YAS?
Did you load the oac_a1_class_mapping.pbo from the post above too?

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Max255 over 7 years ago

Little update.
Finally i managed to run it... But with addons it still crashes. Gonna try different setup.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

I'd suggest to run a clean CAA1/OAC setup, mine is arma2dir\beta\arma2.exe -mod=beta;x\caa1;x\oac\oac_core

Also make sure u place the classmapping.pbo in the x\oac\oac_core\addons directory.

A little update on progress..

- fixed a error in the last mission preventing it to load
- added simple briefings to all the missions

So i have some time for playtesting them properly. Still could use some help with testing of the weapon/vehicles maps correct with the original ArmA. As I don't have it installed atm (due to reinstall pc) its kinda hard :)

I'll upload a new release when I got the last briefings in which should be soon.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

What addons do you use Max?

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by froggyluv over 7 years ago

I don't how much you want to keep the Campaign 'pure' but I think the second mission - AT Sabateur- plays much better with a small force recon team. I added a weapon crate by the inital boat and 3 recon players and it seems much more balanced than the ramboesque way it was initially done.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

I guess changes like these would be welcome and more freedom in editing
makes it easier.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

Personaly i prefer to preserve the original campaign as much as possible. Ofcource gamebreaking issues will be fixed but everyone has his own likings (some like it rambo and some like milsim) that's why i think BI placed all sorts of missions into the campaign. So that all people will get some missionstyles they like.

Then again the editor is our friend and if u personaly like to play the mission another way you can always edit it to ur likings like u did.

A generic question to all who started on playing this campaign about AI choppers. I alrdy had some AI crashing into tree and mountains. Not sure what is creating this behaviour. Silly AI or wrong island heightmap information or a mix of both perhaps? Noticed there was a custom made addon which makes sure AI always keep a specific height, maybe that will fix it, will test it later.

BTW all briefings are in now, will upload latest release when i get home today:)

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by froggyluv over 7 years ago

Ok, I understand you want to stay true to the original although I'm not sure how much thought the Dev's put into that particular mission. I went up North to check out the secondary objective, Documents, got into a few skirmishes and noticed almost all of my ammo was gone due to the 3 rockets that take up your weapon slots. Couldn't even touch the main objective after that -so perhaps a different loadout or some weapons near the starting boat position would be nice :p Also,GPS would be nice on this one.

In that mission, there was an enemy helo circling us for a long time (took out boat) and he didn't seem to have any problems but that isn't a mountainous area so I'll get back to you when I can see them in a more 'challenging area'.

Look forward to updated missions with Briefings that I hope will tell you where your next objective is because I often miss the text and after the fight in Ortega, wasn't sure were to go as the truck that had dropped us off was gone.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

I tried that mission and I agree the starting loadout is abit weird.. 4 clips m16, 3 m136's and a satchel charge (thats with the class mapping loaded). I don't have A1 installed atm so I can't say what the loadout in the original was. But if u tell I can change the class map to.

The briefings make all abit clearer to.

Btw maybe u didn't know but u can use these 'cheats' to make it easier testing:

  • numpad - and then 'endmission' / for ending a mission u stuck on, objectives arent updated so u will fail the mission but u can still continue
  • numpad - and then 'campaign' / in the mission selection screen to unlock all missions

Uploading the new campaign as we speak and update the link when I wake up :)

link... see below

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by froggyluv over 7 years ago

So far briefings seem fine. The 2nd level, Beaten Dog, plays out very nice, almost epic, as the momentum shifts back and forth until the forced retreat.

The next 3 missions in Dolores are another matter due to the problems with the AI driving of which you are well aware. The solo Sabotage mission in Geraldo (SP?) didn't work at all because the tanks never show up. The main mission was broken for me as well because the AI driver took me to a spot close to my dropoff point but I had no option to exit the vehicle. Didn't try the other auxillery mission as it was vehicle bound but I'll give it a shot.

Hopefully, BI helps you with whayever you need to get the driving at least somewhat competent. I'll jump ahead to some later missions to check them out.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

froggyluv you do use the latest CAA1 version, right?

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by froggyluv over 7 years ago

kju -that did help somewhat. The main Dolares mission seemed better with my update as my driver dropped me off correctly.

Mission m14_construction_convoy, still has some problems. I watched the convoy via Troopmon program and they have a hard time staying together over such a long distance but do seem to get to their destination, perhaps 15 minutes into the mission, a little too long methinks, perhaps you can start them closer?

The other problem is that they kept sidestepping the town your meant to ambush them completely and I looked at their wayponts and it seems that there is no waypoint taking them thru town -but to the rear of the church rather.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by Herr_Kalashnikov over 7 years ago

First thanks for the feedback greatly appreciated.

I started playtesting some missions myself tonight, and found some odd bugs preventing to behave properly. As i didnt change any stuff in the mission itselfs (just scripts and declarations) yet, i reinstalled Arma1 to experience it in there. As a shock to me alot of these bugs where there in ArmA1 to :) For instance that Doleres mission, in ArmA1 the first group of tanks just bounce down the road and sometimes tend to drop down from the bridge.

The last CAA1 update made it possible for the AI to drive the roads. It still isn't as good as in ArmA1, they tend to start abit disorganised but when there on the way they follow the roads at nice speeds.

Beaten Dog

Yeah thats a real nice mission it was always my favourite. Shooting loads of flanking infantry with a machine gun :) The 1st part work very good, nice immersive action with the AT rounds flying aoround at the start. The 2nd part isnt relay working well like Kju mentioned. Those vehicles just spam grenades and there isn't much u can do. I will look into a proper vehicle replacement which isnt that anti infantry.


I actualy just played that and that mission needs to get fixed. In my try the convoy seemed to get to their destination without me spotting them. The midway radio command came up nicely so they moved passed the trigger. Did see 1 unaware bmp in the horizon and 1 min later i got a mission failed. Something seriously wrong there, will look into it.

RE: Armed Assault campaign - Added by kju over 7 years ago

I dont know much about convoys, yet there was a convoy manager
released in BIF the other day.

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