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Added by Gnat over 8 years ago

Initial thoughts;
- you'd have more users if it had a GUI
- But its not much use once theres no more OFP islands left to convert
- But this auto Sat Map/Mask generation feature looks to have hugh potential for custom (ArmA) V3 terrian
- So therefore a GUI may be useful long term

Auto Sat maps and Masks would be great (sorry, not tested yet, but sounds awesome)
So therefore, if your interested, maybe I could wip up a quick GUI that calls the roller exe, feeding the command line with the Users' selections.
It would be a Borland Delphi stand-along exe, less than 300k

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RE: GUI Interface - Added by kju over 8 years ago

well in general Roller isn't meant to be an app for noobs.
so its not meant to have many users (so far).

as you say there is only a limited amount of island to convert anyway and
most of them still require some effort to polish and especially technical
understanding in island editing.
people need to have some expertise and willingness to dive into it.

for A2 a GUI with the mask gen feature or other possible future features
it will make sense indeed imo.

I guess Spooner is open to hear more feedback here too.
yet it needs to be more specific I think.
GUI for what parts? Where are the problems? How could GUI improve the app?

command line itself should not be the reason imho.

RE: GUI Interface - Added by Gnat over 8 years ago

lol .. fair enough, but in this day and age, theres little excuse for even the most techy application to run from commandline, imo.

RE: GUI Interface - Added by kju over 8 years ago

Command line is essential for batch processing.
This is one big downside of most GUI apps for OFP/A1.
Command line allows way more efficient use and saves time big time.

Of course you can do all the overhead to implement it the hard way (GUI).

To me this seems a waste of time though.

RE: GUI Interface - Added by Spooner over 8 years ago

Well, as you are no doubt aware, the reason roller.exe is so large (8MB) is because it actually contains a complete GUI library! Currently this is used to draw the satellite mask (and to show the sat mask as it is drawn, but I couldn't get that working) and to show the pretty progress bar. I would have used a textual progress bar if I wasn't already using a GUI library. Ironically, I chose that GUI library since it is included in Ruby, but ultimately, we went with a standalone executable.

It was always my intention to make it easy to add a GUI later on, but absolutely to make the command line the core usage. I could throw together a decent GUI, but that is time I'd see as wasted. Yes, it might appeal to less technical users, but really, there are so many complex steps involved in converting missions that our expected user base is very technical to start with. Once PEW file format is supported, then most of the messing about will be removed and I will reassess whether a GUI would be useful for the larger number of users that then could find the tool useful.

You are right that once all OFP missions are converted, then Roller will become obsolete. However, it could be useful for converting missions from OFP and ArmA to ArmA 2 in the future. Also, the mask-generation will always be useful, as will a number of other possible functions that we could add in the future (e.g. any functionality that is currently in a Vistor script could be put into Roller in order to allow automation).

I'm in two minds about you creating a GUI for us. No reason it couldn't work perfectly well, even as a totally external application, but a shame it wouldn't be properly integrated with the Roller library (there is a central roller library which is accessed from a CLI application; if I made a GUI, it would access the roller library directly, rather than just run the CLI, which means you can be a bit more versatile in how the tool operates). However, a simple GUI tool is perhaps better than me not getting around to making a GUI tool...

Well, needs more thought before commiting. I appreciate the level of interest from Gnat to actually make a GUI for us though!

Incidentally, I've used Borland C++ to make GUIs, but that was a long time ago! I'd personally much rather use FXRuby though ;P