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Added by Planck over 8 years ago

It would be handy if the road objects data was not included in the list of objects exported using the -O switch.

It takes a very long time to remove each line that is a road from the resulting document.

It would be nice instead to have the road list as a separate document.


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RE: Road Objects Data - Added by the-f over 8 years ago

Should be doable I guess. Yet we have to work with a static string list correct?
(will be some editable yaml configuration file)

Or is there some way to detect a road just from the naming?!

RE: Road Objects Data - Added by Planck over 8 years ago

All road objects in OFP CWC and Resistance have particular names:


asfaltka6, asfaltka12, asfaltka25, asfaltka6konec, asfaltka10 50, asfaltka10 75
In addition the other 2 curved pieces have a spelling mistake which makes them:
asfatlka10 25, asfatlka10 100

dirt track
cesta6, cesta12, cesta25, cesta6konec, cesta10 25, cesta10 50, cesta10 75, cesta10 100

kr_asfaltka_asfaltka_t, kr_asfaltka_cesta_t, kr_asfaltka_sil_t, kr_silnice_asfaltka_t, kr_silnice_cesta_t, kr_silnice_silnice_t, kr_silnicexsilnice

main road
silnice6, silnice12, silnice25, silnice6konec, silnice10 25, silnice10 50, silnice10 75, silnice10 100


asf6, asf12, asf25, asf6konec, asf10 25, asf10 50, asf10 75, asf10 100

dirt track
ces6, ces12, ces25, ces6konec, ces10 25, ces10 50, ces10 75, ces10 100

kr_new_asf_asf_t, kr_new_asf_ces_t, kr_new_asf_sil_t, kr_new_kos, kr_new_kos_kos_t, kr_new_kos_sil_t, kr_new_sil_asf_t, kr_new_sil_ces_t, kr_new_sil_kos_t, kr_new_sil_sil_t, kr_new_silxsil

main road
sil6, sil12, sil25, sil6konec, sil10 25, sil10 50, sil10 75, sil10 100

So essentially you could filter using:

asf for asphalt roads, there are no other objects that begin with asf.

ces for dirt tracks, there are 4 other objects that begin with ces, but they are to do with the cessna aircraft and are unlikely to be encountered on a .wrp file.

kr_ for crossroads, no other objects begin with kr_

sil for the main roads, there are no other objects that begin with sil.


RE: Road Objects Data - Added by kju over 8 years ago

Added as #193.

Feel free to open a feature suggestion yourself next time. :)

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