Sample Mission

Added by XATRIX over 5 years ago

Can you provide somehow a sample mission for testing and debugging A2U ? It also will work like example.

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RE: Sample Mission - Added by MaHuJa over 5 years ago

Before anything else I'm updating the released version to a reasonably current and fixed one.

Then, any ideas? The code for getting things into the game is not yet in place.
One uplink module that has been written is one that provides what the armascript command sendUDPMessage is supposed to do - but apparently won't ever do.

Once I get the ability to move data into the game, the possibilities will open up a lot; one idea is the display of headlines from rss feeds to the players connected to the server.

You can basically do anything - except things that require sub-second delay realtime data. One of my more ambitious ideas has to do with having two servers, one on takistan, one on zargabad, affect each other in some way. Like long-range artillery. (Don't hold your breath though.)

RE: Sample Mission - Added by XATRIX about 5 years ago

How about to make some I/O from file ? Just as for example: ======================================================
if (!isServer) then {
_Act = player addAction ["Gimme Data ..", "action.sqf"];
if (isDedicated) then {
_alwaysTrue = true;
_delay = 5;
while { _alwaysTrue } do {
_handle = player execVM "data.sqf";
_handle = nil;
sleep _delay;

MY_OUTPUT = "Hello World";
pulicVariable "MY_OUTPUT";

I'm not a script maker, maybe i did something wrong, but is it possbile to generate some structured data, taken from MySQL and put it in some file, and do some procedures that will call a proc for reading the file ?

RE: Sample Mission - Added by MaHuJa about 5 years ago

That's the plan. But see the other thread around here to see why it's not that easy. The server will be locking that file, so you only get to write to it once between server restarts.

Once it's in place, I still need something to actually do with it. A "simple sql" module is one of those ideas.